688 I Think It Was A Charleston Chew.

If I sit down to watch a movie at home I either play my DS at the same time or draw. I feel like I’m wasting my time if I don’t. In fact, I have a tiny screen for watching TV on while I play console games. Unless a movie is extremely engaging I only see 50% or so of it. So that’s kind of how I judge film. Iron Man 2, for example, only kept my attention part of the time whereas the first one kept me watching throughout. Iron Man 2 is not a bad film by any means, but it lacks whatever a film needs to keep me focused on it.

I can never be sure what is going to grab me or how fast. How To Train Your Dragon held me from the first notes of the opening theme. That’s pretty impressive. As soon as the music started playing I closed the DS because I knew instantly there was no point in resisting. Coraline was the same way. Transformers 2, not so much…

I’m going to get to see Scott Pilgrim sometime this week. I enjoyed the books, so I’m curious if the movie will be able to take hold, or if it will end up being something I essentially listen to while playing Dragon Quest 9.

This is essentially the same way I went through school. I just listened to the words and remembered the important stuff while doodling ridiculous things throughout my spiral binder. Only a few times did I ever really pay attention fully to what was going on.


I watched Scott pilgrim just the night before last. I had no idea what to expect, having not seen trailers nor read the books. And I don’t (didn’t) think much of Michael cera either.

It was awesome. I haven’t had a movie impress me this much in ages. Definately not this year. Two days later, I’m still thinking about it. That’s rare.

Be interested to hear now you go with it, especially since its a very visual movie – a lot of jokes missed if you’re not looking.

One, don’t you diss the Charleston chew. IT IS BETTER THAN YOU WILL EVER BE.

Two, Scott Pilgrim was awesome. A lot of my friends who liked Scott Pilgrim liked How To Train a Dragon. I didn’t, so it was a good thing we could all bond on.

You multitaskers amaze me. I can’t play games and watch TV at the same time. I can only focus on either one or the other, regardless of how interesting either really is.

Scott Pilgrim has spoken to me on some level, that has been voided from my life for who knows how long. I saw it in theaters, and i then had to read all the books, and now i am waiting on the DVD. it was released today, but my store had no copy for sell, but when it does, i will have it.

Also that was nice of Carol, and smart of Wes with the way he pleaded the 5th. heh.

the books for scott pilgrim were AMAZING, and for the time alotted the movie was good, but by all rights books ten millions times better as it always should be

SPvTW was an amazing movie – visually. The story is cute, the music is great, and the acting is so over the top in all the right places. If I didn’t already have a Blu-Ray player this would be the reason I finally bought one.

The reason I did buy one btw was M

SPvTW was an amazing movie – visually. The story is cute, the music is great, and the acting is so over the top in all the right places. If I didn’t already have a Blu-Ray player this would be the reason I finally bought one.

The reason I did buy one btw was Moon. But that’s a movie I recommend paying attention to the 1st time you see it

This freedom day celebration has been brought to you by Shankman’s rubbing compound. When you think rubbing, think Shankman’s. And, the great taste of Charleston Chew” Yeah, could only get those at Halloween because no one sold them (within a decent radius, anyway) when I lived in NYC. Now, I work someplace that sells them. Guess I didn’t need a paycheck anyway…

Iron Man 2 failed where the first succeeded, yet in the middle when Samuel L. shows up, it is salvaged, then he leaves and it sucks until the end. Instead of Iron Man 2 and the return of some villain no one cared about, they should have made the ‘Tony Stark and Nick Fury make comments at each other for two hours” movie, and it would have been better.

I’ll probably see Scott Pilrim about the time I finally see the first half of Toy Story 3 (which is a shame…). When I first saw the previews I wondered who that actor was. When I found out, I didn’t believe it. Eventually I shook my head and stated, “Who knew Michael Cera could speak at an audible volume.?!?.” (Multiple punctuations intended, and yes, despite that it was still a statement. I’m just awesome in that manner.)

Sadly, when I watched Iron Man 2 and Samuel L. popped up in the diner, I kept waiting for him to either say, “Honey, where is my super suit!?” or tell Tony to pull out the wallet that says “Bad Ass Mother” on it to pay for his donuts, since the donut shop reminded me so much of the diner scene in Pulp Fiction…

I often play handhelds, surf the Internet and watch TV at the same time. If I had a TV with picture-in-picture, it would create a quantum singularity that would rend asunder the very fabric of the universe.

I know exactly what is required to keep me interested in a film. A 50 inch Plasma HDTV. The very first thing I watched on it? Coraline. That was a brilliant movie. And Scott Pilgrim was another great movie which I have yet to buy. It should keep you interested, even if you know what’s coming.

Scott Pilgrim was BRILLIANT!

It was a movie, video game, and music video all in the same frikking time allotment! Also, I happen to ENJOY Michael Cera in his nitch as the average, boy-next-door; this role was how you’d want to see him emerge in real life from that cocoon into his full-worth butterfly mode. I paid to see it in movie theaters more than once, and I’ve only EVER done that with one movie before…and that was the nearly-equally brilliant Despicable Me.

I usually watch TV while browsing webcomics, writing for our local rpg groups or moderating the hattrick forums. Also often read newspapers and watch TV at the same time, sometimes combined with eating (be it breakfast, lunch or dinner). But that’s about as far as I go. If I actually play a game (save it being round-based like masters of orion II or a browser game that doesn’t need constant attention), that’s all I’m doing for that amount of time. Which again means that a game needs to have a certain quality for me to play it.

Scott Pilgrim is probably the only movie recently released I have bought on DVD in ages. I have named it my favorite movie of all time, taking the coveted spot from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. And before anyone says anything, don’t diss Bill and Ted. It’s the only movie Keanu Reeves was more than a wooden plank in.

And… wow. We have the same habits. I’m always doing computer stuff while watching TV shows and movies. My system is similar to yours when it comes to gauging quality for home-viewing: How much of my attention can the movie/TV show hold? I’ll take, for example, the Bourne Trilogy. The Identity, I watched almost the whole time. Supremacy, 2/3rds of the time. The Ultimatum was background noise during my computing.

I have to say it, but Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure was the only movie where Keanu Reeves played…well…himself. When I saw him in Speed, I kept waiting for him to say “Excellent!”…Same thing in Johnny Mnemonic. I liked Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure too, but Keanu should have stopped acting there. :)

Scott Pilgrim was good, but aimed a little too much at the ADHD crowd, if you ask me. I got a lot of the visual jokes, loved some of the fighting scenes, but towards the end I was kinda going, “Ok, please speed up the fight scenes; they’re starting to drag a little bit.” (then again, I saw a midnight showing after pulling a morning shift that day, so it might’ve been me just lagging a little bit)

I play Solitaire or maybe surf the net. And Scott Pilgrim is totally worth it. I am an avid fan of the comics and the movie delivers. Michael Cera is good, but the rest of the casting is so perfect he ends up getting pushed out the way.

Wow, being the nerd I am, having a redhead handing someone a candy bar that looks like it might be labelled Tiger (the IGER is obvious, guessing at the T) I’m immediately thinking of Spidey & MJ.

As to Scott Pilgrim, I must be way out of the loop on the movie. Not having a job and being broke usually does that. The trailers I saw were okay, but trailers have been known to be misleading.

Yes, Bill, actually the trailers are very misleading. If I had not heard positive reviews from other people I trusted, and had to go on the trailers alone, I probably never would have saw the movie. The movie had terrible promotion, which is why I think it did so bad in theaters.

I geeked out at Scott Pilgrim in the theatres so hardcore that I threw up the horns at the 8-bit universal intro! After the movie, I called my brother and made a guy date to haul his ass into the theatre so I could share the experience of Scott Pilgrim on the big screen. The movie, in my opinion, is up there with my other 2 all-time favs: Willow and Aliens.

I Loved the comics for Scott Pilgrim. But it seemed as if Michael Cera made Scott seem less charismatic and a little more pathetic. Which seems to be the general idea behind every character he plays. But the rest of the Casting was positively amazing!

I’m sure everyone’s heard this before, but I really wish that they had made Coraline a horror film instead of a children’s movie. The book was not cute, it was horrifying. It was more like Pan’s Labyrinth, in that it starred a child, but was NOT a child’s movie. I read the book with a perpetual feeling of queasy dread, and not many books can do that (I’m looking at you Stephen King)(ohgodthey’regoingtoeatmealive). I think that if they’d made the movie true to the spirit of the book, it would’ve been a classic movie that I’d be willing to watch over and over. As it stands, I see the care that went into it’s making, but it still seems like a raven painted to look a songbird.

Also @ZackAttack: Being charismatic does not exclude being pathetic. Look at DJs. Or David Hasslehoff. Or Kim Jong Il (he kidnapped actors to make terrible movies he wrote; sad, sad man)

Hell, I’m totally pathetic but I can pull off some real charisma.

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