690 Turnabout Test.

People sometimes ask me if Carol’s test is based on a real thing I saw someone do, or some such thing. The reality of it is that I had numerous arbitrary things I would do to people to help me quickly decide if they were worth bothering with. That and it’s fun being a jerk. When your life amounts to essentially nothing you take your pleasure where you can get it. Of course I certainly wasn’t the only person doing stuff like this, I was just the best at it. I have gained perspective with experience and age. Hazing the new kids is just one of those weird things humans do to each other. For me it was something reserved for people who instantly struck me as useless. If they could rise to the challenge so much the better, if not you knew not to leave them to their own devices. I think getting trained by me was a unique experience. It would more or less be like getting your instruction from a single person with all of the cast of this comic mixed into one being.


I been thinking how I would anwser Carol Question, and I admit i do not have anything. I wonder if there a real anwser, or it one of though trick questions. It might just be like how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop, the world may never know.

Score one for the Wesmeister? I smell a crash-and-burn. Using my own rate of speech as a base, he’s just used up about six or seven seconds on his pre-retort… retort.

I don’t think there is a right answer — whatever wrong answer you give will probably be indicative of your personality. But this is me talking, and I already know I’m an idiot.

My reaction would probably be to act non-chalantly for the next seconds. Followed by a “Btw., this is me not being bothered at all by such a test.”
But in the end it would heavily depend on the situation, the person testing me and my current level of frustration.

If I were going to answer Carol’s question, the best answer that occurred to me (and I’m not under pressure mind you) is, “You’ve already made up your mind about me. Nothing I can say in 10 seconds is going to change that.” If I was under pressure, odds are my brain would go blank.

So being trained by the artist is like being trained by a mix of all the characters.

How does Brooksie train people?

The answer I came up with was: “Everyone on the face of the planet is an idiot. So why do you get to judge me on my idiocy?”

Of course, my actual answer would probably be something like: “…What? No, you can’t do that!”

So, y’know. I would’ve failed miserably. >_>

Nice. Real nice. She’s either going to deck him or give him candy. Depends on what he asks.

I’m betting on the candy.

I do admit, random and arbitrary are two of my favorite components to daily life (right after fulfilling my duties as the town pessimist in residence), but just the same, I have never felt that there is such a thing as a useless person. After all, corpses make such wonderful fertilizer, and if you are morally opposed to thinning out the overpopulation problem, the local physics teach could probably use some gravity testers for their next lecture.

Now I ask you, is the above statement me being cynical, a poor taste attempt at a joke, or just plain accurate?

Also, I likely wouldn’t have even bothered answering her question. Just because I have to work with someone doesn’t mean I have to care what they think of me. Oddly enough, for some reason this has made me popular at my current job. I always thought we were supposed to outgrow that ‘He doesn’t care about things, he’s so cool’ attitude after high school. Curse you again for breaking my self delusions bulk of humanity!!

Not really caring about what others think of you has got this one advantage for all the others: Since you don’t believe in sucking up to them just to make them like you, they’ll always know where they’re at with you. If you bring a halfway decent character with that, you’ll fit in well with most crowds.

Well, I do make no secrets about my loathing of humanity in general (not that people seem to believe me. Stupid non-functional death ray…), but I can’t really say I have a halfway decent amount of character. According to the one and only psychiatric evaluation I ever had I am a border-line sociopath with a familial history of Bi-polar disorder and a bad habit of faking megalomania. Ha! Psychiatrist never realized I’m so good at megalomania I was faking that I didn’t have it, but was faking having it at the same time! Wait a minute. Lessee, have, but fake not… Yeah. I think that’s pretty much how it works. Then again, I could have been foiled once more by a loophole in grammatical insufferability.

Admittedly, posed with this question I’d come up with something snooty like “I don’t need to answer that.” or “You’ve already made up your mind about me, let it go.” But that’d just make me crash and burn. This is totally a test to see if the new guy can think fast under pressure. Much like you might have to when the store is getting slammed. :)

All that really means is if he can come up with something witty or resist being a douche. =P

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