665 For The Most Part.

Whenever you buy shelving they never give you enough shelves. It’s always one shy of what you need. Or maybe that’s just a problem I have. They don’t sell extra shelves in singles though. I think they should. Options is what I want when it comes to shelving.


Strip 666 tomorrow!
Coupling that with that this strip, there should be gratitious nudity from Jess as she considers the pros and cons of this career and fame!


You know, I appreciate that your characters have become their own entities, capable of exerting their wills onto your pre-planned timelines; such is a testament to your imagination and commitment to the comic. But, if I find out this lovely, lengthy sibling exchange has in any way prolonged my wait to see a rumpled, sleepy, (only-just) post-coital Carol cat-stretching in a her thoruoughly-mussed bed, then by the 17 Confusing Poltlines of Wapsi, I will find a way to inject myself Tron-like into your archives, find this comic, then SMOTHER THESE 2 PLOT-BLOCKERS WITH THEIR OWN STYROFOAM BEANBAG CHAIRS.

for I am OOF, devourer of archives.

You were never going to see that in any event, so I’m not sure what your proper course of action should be. I guess since it wasn’t going to be seen they didn’t prolong the wait, so your quarrel isn’t with them. I apologize for not meeting your expectations. m(_ _)m

Wow. Ed slides his glasses up his nose with his middle finger like me.

I think that’s a common motion among glasses wearers though.

That’s how I do it. I used myself for reference. XD

OMG! I do that exact same thing ALL THE TIME! It is an awesome non-verbal expression! If you do it just right you even get that ” I am looking so far down my nose at you that my glasses are no longer in the right place for me to see you,” kind of feeling!

I do that too, usually because my glasses suck and are of poor quality. Stay… on… my…. NOSE you bastard!

Normally, I’ll use both pointer fingers to move the glasses up from the earpiece hinges, The first time I ever saw someone just pushing up on the nosebridge, like y’all apparently do, was when I first watched Neon Genesis Evangelion, and the character Gendo did it that way.

IKEA let’s you buy extra shelves. Online even. But you have to buy the cases from them too for that to work and I don’t know if that’s an option.

part 1: Shelves.

Yeah I know exactly what you mean. I needed new shelves for my DVDs a few months back. I found a set at a discount store for $20 each, so I bought 2. I assembled ’em, set ’em up, and started sorting my DVDs onto them. And what do I find… I need 2 more shelves. And I even have the space for them in the existing frames. It’s like they do that just so they can sit back and say “Ha ha! Now you’re gimped!”
I found that Home Depot has extra laminated shelf type sheets. Weather or not they fit your shelves I can’t say, but it’s worth a shot.

Part 2: Why is everyone so fixated on seeing the after math of Carol and Thomas’ night? I mean do you read Superman comics to see Lois Lane naked? Do you watch Dragonball Z to see Bulma laid up after Vageta (Why wasn’t she broken in half by the way?) If you do, sorry you’re wasting your time. Same deal here. Carol and Thomas are great together. They went out for dinner, they came back for some private time. Sorry to say fellows, the private time is their private time. Correct me if I’m wrong Thomas, but this comic isn’t for fan service, right?

Torroes – all you need to do with the laminated shelves if they don’t fit is take a good sharp saw to them to cut them to size – plus a little fine sandpaper to soften the edges. I’ve made plenty of replacement parts from scratch that way. The only problem is finding a saw if you don’t already own one. Since I like to fix stuff myself I have a few tools that I invested in that I use over and over – like a mitre saw (human powered – can’t afford the expensive powered kind).


Okay, you beat me to the punch, except for one thing. Lowe’s and Home Depot both have loose shelves back in the closet and organizing section, in colors from black through two or three shades of wood-grain to white. I’m not sure about Lowe’s, but the HD will make one free cut per item purchased… and you know their saws are sharp!


If they’re too long, yeah you’re absolutely right all you’d need to do is cut the board down. What about if they’re too deep or too shallow? if the shelves are 14″ deep, and the boards they sell at HD and Lowes are only 8″ deep… well doesn’t fit so well.

I feel obligated to say, in defence of the rest of the posting readers here, that I seem to be the only one who made a comment about the “morning after the night before,” unless there’s a forum I’m not aware of .
I suppose it speaks to the kind of guy I was when I was these guys’ age, and the relationship I had with the women I hung out with. Watching a female character happily percolating over a guy (or girl) is like watching a home run sailing out of the park- a thing of beauty, a maserpiece of trajectory, and mostly beacause you know someone’s going to score at the end!

I bought some BILLY Bookcases from IKEA a while ago and they do sell additional packs of shelves. Problem is, they sold the shelves in every colour except black, the colour of the bookcases I had purchased.

with her admission that she walks around the apartment sans clothes, I figured it would be a forshadowing of the brother catching her in that position…

I know, reading things into it, but you can’t blame a guy from trying, she is hot… ha ha

Just wanted to write in and comment how much I have enjoyed this comic. I stumbled upon it during some down time at work and I’ve had a wonderful time going through the archives (by the way the color change was amazing) and catching up to recent pages. I can not wait for more and will continue to be an enthused and avid reader.


I seldom use prefab furniture since there is always some aspect that does not suit my needs. I moved so much in the military I decided to make boxes for my books that when stacked, just need the covers removed to become shelves.

Yeah, my dad was in the military as well so I moved a lot too, we, however find bookcases to be essential since we both have rather large collections of books (i have more than 100 and my dad has probably more than 1000) and still we need to keep many of our books in boxes

Just found your comic today and tore through the archives; it’s my new favorite and is definitely going on my morning webcomic “read” list. Love the characters, your art style is awesome, just a fabulous, fabulous piece! Keep throwin’ out the awesome, man, it’s great!

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