652 Your Destruction, Embrace it.

Jess’s battle cry comes from when I used to play Phantasy Star Online.  You could set buttons to have useful phrases display since there was no voice chat.  I used mine for greetings and battle cries.  PSO is also where I first started using Crave The Bullet as a net handle, in case you ever wondered why my login isn’t just my name.  My old save data for those original PSO characters just happen to be within arm’s reach.  I always thought the Dreamcast VMU was cool.  The battery issue was terrible, but they are just neat.  In many ways the Gamecube version was superior, but the tiny memory card lacked that sense of pagentry you get from locking your VMU into your controller.


Oooooooooh man! If either of them goes super saiyan, I’m going to explode because of the pure awesomeness!

Also, I think it would have been quite appropriate if she had said “EmBrAcE yOuR dEsTrUcTiOn!” in the last panel. :P (+1 internets to whoever gets that reference XD)

Hmmm… to discuss the comic (<3 Jess more the more violent she gets) or PSO (I was so boss at that)…..

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