624 Master Of Disguise.

There’s a certain portion of the audience that’s going to ask a very obvious question.  They won’t read this post, they’ll just ask it.  You have to accept that sort of thing in advance when you make something that a lot of people will look at.  Rest assured that I haven’t forgotten what Carol is supposed to look like.  I’m going somewhere with this.  Thomas is, in as much as he can be, as confused as you are.

As is probably obvious I got but one guest comic, so no break for me.  I will feature said comic in the blog because it’s still pretty neat.

Anyway, let’s look forward to more rambling stories, and my strange obsession with  girls in hats.


How much duct tape did she use to tape those melons down?

why would you use duct tape on bare skin let alone breasts do this if you don’t have breasts stick a piece to your nipple then tear it off then… its probably ten times more painful for a chick with big tits

Duct tape’s adhesive also dissolves under sweat, so if you’ve ever, say, felt compelled to make an entire evening gown and tuxedo out of duct tape (like one of my friends from college: http://userweb.cs.utexas.edu/~walter/pictures/duct-tape.html ), you wouldn’t have to worry about it never coming off.

Dude if you send that picture to this one place, there is a 3,000 scholarship for it. this company gives out that scholarship for any couple who submit a photo in. Google it

I duct tape bare skin all the time, it doesn’t hurt.
I’ll ask one of my friends next time I duct tape them.

It’s brooksie envisioning a scene from her movie in a drawing or something along those lines.
Or brooksie sneaking into to Thomas’ house/apartment under the guise of caroline.

Or theory 1562: This is a guest comic in which the original artist is highly capable of copying others’ styles, and found it unnecessary to give Carol all of her “assets.”

… Or you can read the comic description like a normal sane person.

Hey, I got bored during vacation, so I read the web-comic (I go to uvm). I saw a link to this web-comic, and I decided to check it out, and I just wanted to say it was well worth the reading, thanks for making a great web-comic!

Sorry about that, seems that for some reason my net wouldnt load all the way, it would say that this was the last update…Sometimes I hate technology.

It may be the site loading improperly too. It’ does weird stuff all the time. There’s no images in the RSS when I look at it anymore. There used to be thumbnails…

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