Opposing Forces.

Just like at the end of the first story here’s a little warning to anyone who might be tempted to work backwards through the archive.  This comic is very linear and dependent upon being read in the proper order.  Some pages can stand on their own but, more often than not, several pages work toward a larger payoff that will be spoiled if you’re going in reverse.  Far be it from me to tell you how to read though.  Experience my work however you like.  I’m glad you’ve chosen to experience it at all.


I read all of your stuff in one sitting. It was like I was watching a conversation with my friends. I absolutely loved the “Six String Samaria” reference, it’s one of my top 10 movies to get others to watch. Thanks for continuing to put out great work with wonderful humor.

Very fun story to read from beginning to end. Characters complex enough to keep interest and simple enough to relate. Also really loved the transition from B&W to color.

Definitely my favorite page. <3

I… have a thing for her. ;-;

I definitely share this sentiment about brooksie. She reminds me so much of my first love and I would gladly cuddle up with brooksie for a “Bad-movies-till-you-puke” marathon, if only for the opportunity to cuddle with her :3

ive been reading your comic for a while now, (just re-read the archives in a single sitting) but i have to ask something i’ve been trying to figure out… it really shouldnt matter much to me but… what ethnicity IS brooksie?
this just irks me that i cant tell lol

Even in a non-linear comic, I can’t imagine not reading it in order. ANY time I find a new comic, I head to the beginning. There is a reason it’s the beginning, right? That being said, I must compliment you on your comic, sir. I believe it has earned its place with the other greats of our age such Questionable Content, XKCD,CAD, and Dr. McNinja. I thoroughly enjoy all the characters (most especially Nina, but that’s neither hither nor thither) and am intrigued to see where you take this lovable band of miscreants henceforth. Thank you, good sir!

One of the things I like best about webcomics is the ability to go back and read from the start. And yeah, I also do that even with gag-a-day strips without ongoing story lines. Artists often have running gags or call-backs to previous strips, which are a lot easier to appreciate if you know the background.

Heart = melted. BTW, the whole, teeth and claws reference with Nina hit my biter button. Do all your female characters have to push my buttons? You’re a sick bastard to torment me so. I’m a masochist to enjoy it.

One sitting, TONS of fun.
Thank you very much for creating this comic, I’ve read quite a lot of webcomics but I’m very surprised at your incredibly original characters in the ‘less-original’ setting.
I like every single character, even Reggie in some way… so please keep on writing and drawing my friend!

Started reading this today after I saw your guest comic for questionablecontent. I believe you comic is now one of my regulars :)

Im honestly surprised Jo wears bras. She seems like the kind to go with the logical knoweldge of them being bad for you.

Or at least finding them too uncomfortable to wear.

But at least she chose a cute one

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