608 Eucatastrophe.

I’m not sure the title of this page is appropriate.  Someone else can be the judge of that.  If Mike’s choice truly is eucatastrophic it’s the smallest one ever in literature.

I got my new glasses prescription yesterday, but not new frames.  As with everything, some asshole designer somewhere has decreed that no human should wear glasses with round frames.  Usually I cave when presented with something like that, but I’m getting cranky in my old age.  I want what I want, and somewhere out there a pair of glasses still must exist that don’t make me look like hipster trash, or a professor.  I will have them.  Mark me, I will.

Also the creator of The Blonde Marvel told me how to thread comments, so I can finally respond to everybody the way I like to best.  At the very least we won’t have to do the @ thing anymore.  Apparently it’s been a normal setting for a while, but no one bothered to tell me, and I never thought to look.  :B


I love how Reggie has had the same look on his face for three pages!

Also, I think they should replace the microwave with a fire pit and one of those spit things where you roast things. This makes sense because of their lack of money. It would also prevent future fires by constantly BEING on fire.

I don’t know if I have an oddly shaped face, or what, but I hate the way the typical glasses designs look on me. If they have an oval bottom it looks like my face is fat (and always has, even when I was a stick). Square frames, other frames with flat bottoms, just look bad.

I found the perfect frame in ’97; it’s vaguely octagonal. The bottom isn’t flat but it’s not round either. I have NEVER been able to find it again. I just keep getting new lenses in this frame, and I live in fear of the day when it falls apart.

Every so often I browse online sites, looking through both cheap sites (Zenni, with their $8 glasses, or 35dollarglasses, etc) and also hideously expensive designer frames. My glasses are just not out there, as far as I can tell.

~ ~ ~

Good luck finding your perfect frame.

I think I’ve found some already, but just reading the dimensions isn’t the same as actually putting them on my head…

Back again for more :D There is something that’s to be said about letting updates on a webcomic pile up and then come back to it.. I never really get left at dramatic cliff hangers that way:D But I’m pretty surprised at Ed to be honest.. I didn’t think he’d man-up like that and take fault, because really I don’t care who you are or what your reason you should never ever be microwaving your shirt.. that just does not sound safe at all.. but I suppose it IS Reggie..

And I keep thinking about to the earlier comics and how while your style has changed just slightly it seems like it’s improved a bit as well..

I got some cheapo glasses from wall-mart 8 dollar frames and I complete my scheme to look a little Emo while not being ‘Emo’ at all.. Sometimes you just get lucky.. Hope those frames you found work out for yah!

For a long time I felt slightly disheartened that I’ve never done anything dangerous or exciting with a microwave. Way to grind me down further! ;) I’m still loving the comic, “and let’s never speak of this again” is definitely one of the best phrases in the English language.

I don’t know if it’s of any interest to you, but one of The Pirate Bay guys has brought a new project into beta. flattr.com , it’s an interesting concept. Pay a flat fee a month, distribute it equally between the content you liked during that month. I just got in on the beta; there’s not a whole lot of content accepting flattrs yet but that does have that advantage of flattrers giving you bigger slices of their money. I’ve signed up and loaded with 2 Euro a month, mainly for shits and giggles, but I’m hoping it takes off. I’ve paypal’d people a few quid here or there if they’ve produced something I really like, but this seems like a much better way of doing things. It’s likely to cost me more money than I make from it because I’m more a consumer than a producer but it feels good to give money to those who brighten up my month.

How’s the gaming going, did you get yourself a flashcart afterwards?

I thought the Pirate Bay guys went to prison…

Anyway, I never did get the Gameboy Advance to mod, nor did I ever get a flashcart. I stopped playing Fire Emblem Wii when I got to the Ike part of the story. (I’ll be able to remember where I was when I get back to it that way.) I can’t even remember what all I was playing that I haven’t finished. I think the last game I played all through that wasn’t Pokemon, was Ghostbusters for the Wii.

First off, love the comic. Best page, in my oppion, would have to be Metal Gear Chunky. XD

Second, feel accomplished. You have taken my attention for the last four days. Since I only have internet access via my phone, it took a while to read all 608 glorious pages. I’d also like to note that somehow this comic has actually made me more optimistic of my life. I’d like to be as great a comic artist as you someday. :]

This sucks because I’ve caught up to the present. That means no more than one of these a day for me from now on :(

This is probably the best web comic I’ve ever read. I fully admit that it was Nina that attracted me to this comic, but it her calling Reggie a bleeding pussy that hooked me. Funniest thing ever!!!

Strangely, she’s not my favorite character anymore. I think Brooksie has that title now. It bothers me a little that it’s taking several months to get through a day, since I know Brooksie’s movie isn’t going to take a few days to make.

Anyway, keep up the good work. I look forward to more.

The pacing changes after this section. It’s not as strictly controlled as the first two parts. It’ll still take some time to get to all the plot points I set up though. Which is good because I don’t want to run out of stuff to say. Thanks for reading, I appreciate it.

honestly i found the perfect frames for me a while ago and have been simply changing out the perscription two or three times. I despise seeing more or less of the world than normal and the adjusting period gives me terrible headaches so I don’t even bother thinking about new frames. It’ll suck when these frames finnaly break though. I wonder if theres a glases repair store that fixes frames not being sold anymore anywhere on the earth. That sort of place might be useful to me soon. Good luck finding just the right frames though, maybe you already have ’em.

Unfortunately these frames are being held together by will power at this point. They simply can’t last another ten years.

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