594 Hot Dicking.

I upgraded my PC recently and it lead to some of my stuff not functioning the way it used to.  That’s not uncommon or anything, but what I want to make note of is how out of sorts I was having my expected computer time experience altered.  Not being able to use my regular screen, or having a fully functioning mouse seriously diminished the healing powers of the time I spend in front of this thing.  It really put a spotlight on my dependence.

My house.

As you regular readers of my posts will know, I have been playing Animal Crossing: City Folk daily almost since the day it came out.  I’ve run out of things to do long ago.  Which is the game’s greatest weakness.  That said, my town is essentially a little Zen garden I attend to each day.  My animal neighbors love me, and some of them have been living with me since the first day.  If they move away and I don’t catch them trying to go it’s no big deal, but if they say something to me I always try to get them to stay.  Anyway, like I said, I’m out of things to do apart from hoping that the store will get in one of the few items I need to complete furniture sets.  So I’ve actually taken to watering and breeding flowers.  I never did this in any other Animal Crossing because I always got sick of playing before it got to this point.  I kept it up because I thought that maybe someone I knew would start and I wanted my town to look nice, and now I guess it’s kind of passed into habit.  Now I’m slowly trying to impose my aesthetic will across the entire town.  I’ve grown enough special flowers that I’m actually thinking of phasing out the kinds you can get at the store.   And, you know, it’s not like I set out with this big goal of trying to grow flowers.  I just started sorting them into  colors and stuff.  Over time they just kind of started breeding special ones so I started favoring those.  Once I get the town to an acceptable level of pretty I’m going to video it and…  Do something with it?  I don’t know what, but something.  The world needs to either see how cool my town is, or how sad my life is.  Or maybe how cool my town is AND, how sad my life is.


Oh Man, I hear you with the animal crossing towns. I always start playing when life’s getting hard, and end up ‘retreating’, so some of my best moments have been there. Never bothered with the flowers though- every step past the gamecube one is a step backwards for the series, personally

Haha, Dr. Tran.
I’d have Animal Crossing City Folk if I cared for the Wii at all. Almost got one once, but there weren’t any. I had Wild World. (Which I sold.)
I’m still on Heart Gold. Once you beat it, hacking makes it so much better. XD

Is that… Is that a slight hint of respect and, dare I say it, admiration, in Reggie’s eye for another human? Sorry. The look on his face is priceless.

This was obviously meant to go with this page, but was added to the weird blog thing at the bottom of the page, so I’m copy pasting it here.

Kaiju_Baby –

“Why is it always fire…?”

I’m sorry, I know there are a lot of Reggie haters out there, and that is practically his purpose, but am I the only one who thinks that statement is pretty human, almost innocent, and oddly adorable? It’s totally unguarded, and brings up the question, why IS it always fire? Is there some sort of pyromaniac spirit haunting Reggie? I’d be beyond intruiged.

I’m reminded of Oasis from Sluggy Freelance… and find myself wondering if Reggie actually has some latent pyrokinetic power.

I wonder is a shirt like that would catch fire in a microwave? I’d love to see that on IIAGITMT on youtube….but that’s just me.

Just a side note – if you’re going to use a fire extinguisher, you should aim it at the base of the flame. In this case, this would be the bottom of the microwave, not the middle of it. You want to hit what the fire is consuming, the shirt, not the air where the flame is.

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