585 End In Tears.

I actually considered a very different page than this for this scene.  Two panels portraying the passage of time in the sky seemed like it might be a little too cinematic, but I decided to go ahead and do it the way I wanted it to look in my mind.  John’s reaction to all of this is important not only in terms of his personality, but also his relationship with Brooksie.  I wanted to convey his reluctance in a way that suited him.  A sky full of slow moving clouds certainly suits any dude who can have a girl crawling on him an only reacting to what she’s trying to convince him to do.

I remember part of a dream from the other night.  I was the pilot of a robot lion, very similar to the green one from Voltron.  Except it had these propellers on its midsection for moving underwater.  I was towing something that was on the surface while the lion was underwater.  There was also some kind of half submerged enemy vessel chasing us.  It had the look of those really spiny Japanese sci-fi style spaceships, but was a boat apparently.  I have no recollection of why I was piloting the lion or towing the floating thing away from the, what I assumed were, bad guys.


I love posting ads on your site. Is that a duck or a plane? I’m guessing from the streams it’s a plane, but it looks like a fighter jet.

…maybe its superman. I vote this comic be turned into a movie. I would so spend hardcore cash on that (but until then, when I get my tax refund, I’m buying your book…..and will read and hump it)

Is it just me or has he been completely okay with her kind of sitting on top of him all this time? They seem very… familiar. Might be awkward if someone else were to walk up right about now.

“Reacting to what she’s trying to convince him to do.” When a girl shoves you to the ground and crawls on you, reacting to her doing so is usually what she is trying to do. I like the page though, works well.

I thought it was perfect! I feel like we’re really getting to know the characters you’re writing. You are creating life!

I dunno no matter what anyone says the dynamic between these two is great, You can tell they’re really close.. Though it might just be the Harry Potter Hermione Granger close and then that would end in tears.. especially if Brooksie winds up with a ron… *shudder* She’s to cute for that! But on a more serious note, the formatting of the page worked out well.. And I loved the last panel ^_^

Boy, am I old.

“End in tears” reminds me of Bartok The Bat’s last line to Rasputin in the Anastatia movie. *Facepalm*

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