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Let’s see…  I’ve  been playing through Fire Emblem: Path Of Radiance one last time to achieve the ULTIMATE SAVE FILE.  Because now I understand how the transfer system works in Radiant Dawn.  I want the transfer to go well because Radiant Dawn is super insane difficult even on normal mode.  I got as far as, like, the fourth part and kept losing guys over and over.  As you may know, death is permanent in Fire Emblem, and I leave no man behind.

The ending of Path Of Radiance was awesome though.  I like how everyone gets a little scene to themselves.  I was really sad to see how badly things went in the 3 years between games though.  Of course if things don’t go to Hell you have no story, but…


I agree with Brooksie… she’s too young to be full of piss and vinegar. That’s for when her hair’s gone silver, although if she’s as cutely odd then as she is now, she still won’t be full of piss and vinegar.

I love that people are still popping on and saying. “Man I just read your whole comic in one sitting” and stuff like that. Must make you feel very proud of what you have created here.

Also yay I’m glad John is back for a bit

I love how you make Johns smoke all zig-zagged, but Jo’s is curly and cutesy. Dunno why I find it so appealing but it certainly fits their characters and personalities well.

Carol is cool, and Nina is nice, but if I ever met Brooksie, I’d know that I had met my soulmate. Damn you for inventing a woman I cannot ever meet.

I suppose one must occasionally accept the realistic view that some people just smoke…
But I honestly don’t comprehend why anyone would ever even get into that in the first place. Like what could possibly compel one to try such a thing, let alone repeatedly.
I get nauseous from the smell just walking past smokers in the street… even when they’re not actually smoking. The stink lingers all over them.

I wasn’t always so badly hit by it… though I always thought it was an insanely silly habit. These days though, I just find it too sickening to cling to even the faintest hope of neutrality.

I started reading this comic in one sitting mode, but along the way I made a mistake. I started reading the discussions. They certainly added some depth to the whole affair. I had to go back to the start. And when reading discussions you cannot get through the whole thing fast.

The really early stuff lacks blogs post at least, and some archive failures have caused the loss of a few posts too. Although I don’t know if that’s good or bad really…

Brooksie seems so innocent and mischievious most of the time, like a little kid that just learned how to play pranks and sneak up on people; her hair color and stature help with that. Then she starts smoking, and you remember that this is a grown woman… one you can never have. You are disappointed and go about your day with a general feeling of malaise and melancholy.

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