572 One Disaster At A Time.

I’m not sure how other people feel, but I like it when the characters forget to put their masks on and just relate to each other.

Fun times can come from posting your dreams on the Internet:

Guttersnipe 10:23 pm    I had an amusing dream last night    In it, my wife came to me and said “I have good news and bad news”    and I was all “What’s the good news?”    And she says “I love the movie Kung Fu Panda!”    And I was all “Okaaaaay…what’s the bad news?”

betweenfailures 10:23 pm    That’s not good news at all…

Guttersnipe 10:24 pm    Yeah, tell me about it.    And then I woke up and I was all FUUUUUCK WHAT WAS THE BAD NEWS

betweenfailures 10:24 pm    I fucked Po.

Guttersnipe 10:24 pm    Noooooooooooooooooooo!    YOU FILTHY WHORE WHY!?

betweenfailures 10:26 pm    Now you’ll slowly become Jack Black.  That’s how he lives on.  Taking the lives of the husbands of his mistresses.  His legacy is never ending.  In ancient times he was called “Fatty” Arbuckle.

Guttersnipe 10:26 pm    Oh Jesus dude…    That is seriously kind of creepy

betweenfailures 10:26 pm    Makes for a great story though.    You can make an anagram of Arbuckle’s full name from Jack Black’s real name.    O_o

Guttersnipe 10:28 pm    Coincidence??

betweenfailures 10:28 pm    Also, presbyterian is an anagram for Britteny Spears. (Actually true.)

Guttersnipe 10:28 pm    This sounds like a commercial for Time-Life’s Unexplained phenomena books

betweenfailures 10:29 pm    Jack Black hasn’t been funny since the early nineties, yet he’s still in movies.  Hollywood stupidity, or THE GREYS?


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