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Had a dream the other night where I was wandering in this swampy garden kind of place.  Not a gross swamp, but the kind that has a lot of green grass and there are sections of shallow watter here and there.  It wasn’t stagnant.  It was all flowing slowly.  There were places where you could stand on mostly dry grass, but if you wanted to keep dry you had to move from tree root to tree root across a network of giant trees that kept things shaded.  They were mostly on the edges and were bordered on one side by much deeper water.  The master of the gardens was some kind of spirit, but it took the form of a dog that could think into your mind.  He kept trying to convince me to come and wander around with him in the garden proper, but somehow I knew that it wasn’t a good idea.  I made my way across the whole place going from root to root making sure never to set foot on the ground at any point.  The dog spirit seemed casually displeased that I managed to do it as I hopped over the white fence that bordered the gardens.  I talked with him for a while once I was safe, but didn’t learn anything important about the gardens.  He did invite me back though…


Wow. What a dream.

… I like it. It’s like one of those “get seduced and then go missing forever” kind of ghostly stories. Especially the ending. o:
Hooray that you survived!

@ Keybolt – Man… you are gonna be so mad at me come Friday…

@ Pazno – XD That’s what I was reminded of. Very moist, creepy, lava.

@ Anon – Yeah, it was like a traditional Faerie story in a lot of ways.

Guess that means we won’t learn what the message is — at least, maybe not for a while. Either that or there *is* no Friday comic. :p

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