521 Trying.

I’ve used this line so much in real life I can no longer remember if I’ve ever used it here.  I’m betting that I haven’t, but I didn’t have time to check as thoroughlyas I’d have liked to.  My life has always been plagued by intense feelings of Deja vu, so it’s hard for me to tell when I have, or haven’t, done something before.  Intensely vivid dreams don’t help the situation either.  The ‘I didn’t really do that, I dreamt it’ thing happens a fair bit too…  Anyway, I’m sure someone will call me on it if I have, indeed, used this “joke” previously.

I’d like to thank everyone for all the input abut my computer issues.  I didn’t realize how smart my audience is.  A fair amount of what was written threatened to pass right over my head.  Terms were used I’m only somewhat familiar with.  I’ll probably end up opening my PC and poking it with a stick till someone finds and stops me.


I just wanted to say that you have not used this line in the comic before and that it is an awesome line that I would steal if anyone ever uses the term “trying” around me.

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