485 Most Dangerous Game.

I really like painting clouds.  When I say painting I, of course, mean constructing them in Photoshop.  In reality I hate painting.  Much the same way that I hate paper, ink, and pencils.  I hate them in a way that a person hates something they want, desperately, to be good with. 

Where was I?  Right.  Clouds.  I like creating them.  Mostly I like making them out of circles of varying colors.  I like circles.  I like round things in general.  Carol should be proof enough of that.  That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy other shapes.  It just so happens that circles make good clouds and, as previously stated, I like making them. 

Somebody told me that the word for the style I use for making clouds is impressionistic.  I don’t know if that’s true or not.  I’ve long forgotten most everything I learned in art history. In fact you could cut short and say I didn’t learn anything in art history.  I didn’t learn how to make clouds there.  No, I learned that from Bob Ross on PBS.  Not that I use his method, but I adapted the principles he demonstrated to my hand.  A few hours of television has been more useful to me than years spent in art classrooms.  That’s very sad.  Especially since the instructors characterized what he was doing as trash.  Yet he managed to make me understand things that they couldn’t. 

Happy.  Little.  Clouds.


I’d like to thank you for a good five hours or so of good humor and day to day retail. I’m a library clerk eight months out of the year but I work retail the other four. Well year round really; the library clerk position is only part time. It pays well as I’ve been there for quite a few years now but I haven’t the degrees to move to full time… Nor am I willing to shoulder a massive debt-load in order to acquire them. I might have been able to push myself to should the library and information sciences courses but needing a bachelor of arts as a prerequisite sticks in my craw. I’m hoping to get past it given experience and prior training. I can already do the job but I need to pay sixty odd grand for the privilege of wasting years of my life and to receive a plastic coated piece of wax paper… I hadn’t considered that knowing how to mend, bind, read dewy, school of congress, administrative experience, shelf reading, ect. would actually turn out to be a deterrent. I’m a tad stubborn, a touch lazy, and too content with my current life style to risk upsetting it.

Regardless as a male in the library industry I’m a bit of a freak as well.(every single other one of my co-workers are female) I also dream of starting a used book store as a kind of early retirement/still working but dream job kind of thing… Lots of cross overs to the point of being almost disturbing on occasion actually.

I honestly don’t think I could actually Work in a department devoted entirely to novels however. I would become distracted… Lost and forgotten… The lights would dim at the end of the night and I’d be sitting in the corner somewhere muttering about ‘my precious’ Rofl… (notably tolkien is somewhat slow, historical, and thick. The Hobbit was much better then the rings trilogy; whatever the movie glazed massed might think. I personally prefer the works of Mercedes Lackley for instance, eddings, webber, brooks, and all those other fine folks that unfortunately never made it to the movies.)

Notably with texts, history, and other educating bits of bound leather I can manage to keep my head out of the clouds; most of the time… With novels too of course but I actually have to make an Effort. The temptation, addiction, and sheer itchy fingers compel and I have to beat it back with large shiny objects.


Anyway; my mind starts to wander this late into the a.m’s. Thank You. I stumbled across a link to your comic on deviant and I quite look forward to reading more of it. (once you’ve created more of course. I tend to read in large novel sized portions)

Notably it was my roommate who works the cell phone department at walmart that got me to buy a ds lite and Pokemon platinum about a year ago. It’s exceedingly dead and he spends most of his day sitting on his chair or alphabetizing cellphones. Pokemon and other similarly mindless and easily saved games Really are a national sport for the retail industry. I think it was that strip way back in the beginning that really hooked me into reading the rest.

hehe i’ve heard chicks say that before… and you know whatever i was or was not doing when they said it was a potentialy dangerous decision…. well lets just say they are always right…

Your comment made me lol so hard. And yes, I agree, art history went PBBT! in my head, too. And hey, I never watched that guy for more than a few minutes, but to completely dismiss him is pretty harsh. Glad you’re enjoying your circles and your clouds. Kindly grace us with them soon. :D

Well, now I know what NOT to take in any art class. Unfortunately, any major I take at any art school will put this on me, won’t they? Ah well. Hell, got you one beat, my memory is so bad, I don’t remember a lot of my HS days. that was four years ago when i graduated.

i think I’m too young to really remember the actual show bob ross did, but I do remember the reruns on pbs.

I honestly liked the happy little bushes myself…can’t say why. it just sounds funny, but then again, all of his stuff makes me giggle.

I’ve never learnt anything in art class. My teachers tend to stand behind me every time they go to say something constructive, and just stare at what I’m doing.
For the majority of the time it’s hard to tell what I’m painting/drawing because I paint everything back to front and draw everything all at once.
My teachers never know what to say.

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