427 Signs.

I got my copy of Watchmen down from the shelf to refresh my memory, on the off chance I’ll get to see the film at some point, and a Transformers Energon Rodimus trading card fell out.  I leave things like that in books all the time.  I’m surprised it’s been that long since I’ve looked it over.  I wonder what’s secreted away in my copy of The Long Halloween.


I get the sneaking suspicion he’s going to rat on Ed to Mike… Unfortunately, I don’t have Carol’s magic 8-ball powers, so I’ll have to just wait and see :)

It makes him look like a Care Bear. That’s what Carol meant by her reference to “Dark Heart” in strip 426 Care A Lot.

“Signs point to no” I don’t get it. I’m not a native English speaker but I didn’t have problems with any of the phrases until now. Can someone explain to me what’s going on? ^^”

@ Koushirou
“Signs point to no” is a different way to say, “Probably not.”

And by the looks of things, I’d think Carol was Reggie’s Reggie.

I love the fact that Reggie seems weak when faced with Carol. Sends his whole “I’m better than you” attitude into a downward spiral.

Watchmen is one of those movies that you have to go see and make up your own mind. I loved it but I can see why so many people didn’t.

oh there is plenty of girls like carol.. we just prefer to not hang with the jerks so we don’t have to deal with them… though we will if they mess with our buddies

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