428 Happy Harpy.

Hey, it’s the second Friday the 13 of this year, if I’m not mistaken.  That’s a rarity I think. 

In the interest of cheering up various people here are links to comics I want to continue to exist.  (I should have a links page, but have you seen the site?  I still don’t know how to get the ads in the right places.)  Some of these folks are friends, some are fans, and some exist in the delightful state of being both.  The content is varied, but if you have a free moment stop in and say hello to these guys. 

The Girl Next Door

Love The Dango


Ginger’s Bread

The Wrong Hero


Lama Glama

I’m sure I’ve forgotten people, but them’s the breaks. I is only human, and less than that quite often.


Yeah, I Feb. 13 is my birthday and my friends were all asking me if the world was going to end. What is even worse is that they know that the the year I was born it was also Friday the 13th and there was a full moon that night I swear they think I am a demon or something.

Remove the I after the Yeah. I changed my mind about what I was typing there and forgot to take it out. Sorry about that.

Oh my gosh. I just started reading this comic. I love it.
Of the girls- i can’t decide which is my favorite. They all are pretty cool.
Of the guys- i have to say i like John and Thomas, but John is so more hot and Thomas is more of a cute.

Amazing comic. Amazing references. Five stars!!!!!!!!!

Coolness! :D Thanks for the linkage. :D I do happy dance. La la la.
(And I also sound retarded. I don’t think it’s connected…)

Notes on your links… seems the only one that is still making comics from your list is Ginger’s Bread. Most of the links are dead, as I think every one of the sites has redone their link syntax. ‘Knots’ and ‘Lama Glama’ neither seem to exist anymore.

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