415 Judd Nelson.

Firstly, to those of you who frequent the forums, I don’t know what’s wrong with them.  I haven’t been able to access them for many days now, and my questions go unanswered.  If anything changes, I’ll let you know. 

Edit:  It’s back up.  I wish I could take credit, but I can’t.  Don’t know why it was down, don’t know why it came back.  I suspect magic. 

Secondly, I’d been waiting for my new EGM for quite some time, so I decided to go to the website to see about getting another copy shipped out.  Sometimes an issue will go missing, you know?  I found, however, that EGM is no more.  It was sold and closed, much to my dismay.  This is all, of course, old news to the rest of the world.  Or at least that part of the world that keeps its finger on the pulse of gaming culture.  I had to go through the stages of grief by my lonesome; everyone else having moved on long since the announcement was made. 

Everyone’s already said everything about the loss of EGM that needs to be said.  Anything I try to add will simply be lost in the sea of redundant information that cloggs the internet.  It’s a weird feeling though.  I’ve been reading EGM for nearly 20 years.  Even when I quit reading Nintendo Power (which I’ve since picked back up now that I have a Wii) I kept reading EGM.  I just never found a website that gave me the information I wanted to know without being bombarded with loads of internet bullshit, and needless editorializing.  Then again maybe I still don’t need to.  It’s not like I have a 360, or PS3.  All the coverage had already moved on to them.  Maybe I can hide out with my copy of Nintendo Power, shaking, and defiantly denying the death of print…


I had the same story only not with EGM but the 1up podcasts. There was like four weeks without one and I was all like WTF where are my nerdy podcasts.

Alternatively,again,thank you for an extremely good comic that provided enough of a distraction from everyday hog-slog to derive enjoyment from existence.I sir,for one,being the kind that likes to excessively bow,therefore,bow to you *bows* .n.n in other words,you be awesome!

I must concur with Jonas… this is by far my favorite webcomic, and I keep up with several dozen of them on the interblags. Capital work, good sir. I await Friday’s installment.

In high school, all the kids I knew would rave about the Breakfast Club and just talk and talk about it. I’d never seen it, so one day, when I saw that it was coming on, I sat down and watched it (most if not all). It had its good points, and it was witty, but I found that I much rather would have watched a show where things blow up. Watching people (mostly) talk for about an hour and a half just doesn’t float my boat.

But I guess it’s a “Classic” now, so whatever. It wasn’t bad.

3 sources I use: rpgamer.com and rpgfan.com for a cross-reference on the good Rpgs coming out and gamefaqs.com for everything else
yeah gaming magazines really have gone downhill lately, the best series of them to date was the first and second morph of EGm to EGm2 then expert gamer, had awesome strategy sections+humour and little clutter from 2page long ads. stopped production at about 2004, and I went net and never looked back.

I actually thought the same thing as Booksie, lol. I mean, it’s such a popular cliche that I thought the author was going to bust it out on us. You know, present him as a dick, give him a reason his personality is flawed, they reach out to him and show him and ED shows him some kindness, then the next day he’s a little bit better of a person. I mean…that’s how these stories usually go.

That being said though, this author seems pretty genre savy so It’s actually interesting that the cliche isn’t necessarily the case.

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