407 Justification.

I had this weird dream where one of my cousins, an old friend, and I were getting married on the same day.  Somebody gave me my dogs as wedding gifts, except they were puppies again.  It was a doubly amazing gift since Kit, our Chow/Red Healer, has been gone for a couple of years now.  Anyway, they got mixed in with this other group of puppies and then escaped into the town.  So I had to track them down over the course of the dream.  I found Sadie (Black Lab/Shar Pei), but she had hurt her foot and had to go to the vet to have it looked at.  I woke before I located Kit.  It was an odd premise, but I enjoyed seeing the girls as puppies again.  It’s funny that I was more interested in the dogs than the fact that I’d just gotten married.  More evidence of my flawed character perhaps.

Hey, have you guys seen Crayon Physics? You should check it out if you haven’t. It’s really neat. Like, Tetris level neat.   http://www.crayonphysics.com/

Our host was having problems with their server overheating earlier today.  Hopefully, they have it fixed now.  If not & the site disappears again,  you’ll know they are cooling them down while they try to get the problem fixed.  love & fairy dust,   Magic Web Fairy


It is better to know the douche at work, and be well adjusted to their actions than to be surprised by them. The douchebag you know over the one you don’t.

And those are just two reasons I can come up with in a flippant moment. I’m sure I could craft much more elegant ideas if I gave it time. JT has put a lot more thought into these moments than I, I feel quite certain it will make sense, in the same sort of Zen that Thomas’ teaching styles are radically different for Ed and Brooksie.

He makes everyone look better by comparison? Or is it that when someone needs to be let go his head is the first on the block ensuring that everyone thomas likes is spared?

When I was a manager at Albertsons I always used to make this little asshole clerk clean up the bathroom when someone made a mess.

Hrmmm…asides from being a royal ass, he’s useful? Very interesting asides from the fact that Reggie behaved TOTALLY different with Nina than he did Ed. Especially after she smacked him good. Perhaps the two of them know each other outside of work?

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