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I appreciate everyone being so understanding about things on my end. I also thank the many of you who subbed on patreonover the last week. It’s about 4 away form 1000 patrons, which was my goal for the year. Also, I obviously appreciate those of you long time supporters who have been with me for many years now. I just wanted to shout out the new kids for a minute. Anyway, I really need to at least try to sleep while Grandpa & Scruffy are sleeping at the same time, so I’m gonna give it a shot.


Hang in there Jackie. We’re always over here from this side of the screen, rooting that things get better and more peaceful on your side. Being understanding and supportive is the very least we can do for you as thanks for so much joy and amusement you bring to our lives through your work and words (because yes, half the enjoyment for me is reading your posts, reflections on life, witty puns and turns of phrase…) Thanks for all that, and for all your dedication. Please take care of yourself and of your family, as best as can be.

Ps: congrats on the thousand patreon subscribers! Here’s hoping that number grows much bigger still.

I’ve been reading the comic for ages, and recently I’ve been liquid enough to count myself among your Patreon supporters! I’m excited to be actually paying something for the incredible content I’ve been getting for years.

I know you’re dealing with some tough stuff right now. Don’t think I’ve ever commented before, but I wanted to say you’re in my thoughts. Hope it all gets better soon!

Kill Me Cuties? Does that basically make Carol an off brand Suicide Girl?

I wouldn’t say off-brand, but I would say “generic name that won’t infringe on any known sites with similar content to keep from being sued.” Other webcomics I follow have discussed having to come up with names that imply what they’re mimicking without being another site that exists to ride on the coattails of said site. Googling helps you find out if your idea already exists or not.

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