1509 The Special Relationship.

I’ve had more than one version of this conversation in real life. Why it came up so often is a mystery, but i’m guessing that the having or not having of boobs you want has a strong effect on women in our culture. The more common version is they wanted bigger boobs, but never got them. second to that is they got them but didn’t want them. From there it mutates into varying levels of not having the imagined perfect amount of boob. The long and short of this is I can only think of one woman I’ve known who was truly pleased with her breasts. Even then I doubt it was something that always felt like a positive. I may have just encountered her on a confident day. Then again she was one of the most confident women I’ve ever known, so i’m only questioning it based on my knowledge of human nature.

For me, as far as women go, their body is not so important as our chemistry. I have standards for beauty, but they change to fit whoever I’m attracted to. A recent example is Rachel Riley on countdown. She does not fit my general standard for physical attraction, but as soon as she starts doing sums like a genius I’m all in. I don’t like math particularly, but when she explains math things it’s like audio catnip. That’s all part of the complex hierarchy of attraction in me. I’ve known people who pair up simply on physical attraction, and it always seems like a disaster. We don’t stay one way outside our whole lives, so once they start not fitting into the standard of physical attraction the relationship gets sour. I worked with a guy who had an enchanting wife, but she started to gain a little weight and he almost instantly went off her. Never stopped criticizing her about it, and it clearly hurt her feelings. What attracted her to him was beyond me. I would have loved to ask her about it. The psychology of her mind would have been fascinating. I suspect she came from an abusive home and he reminded her of her father in that way that abusive people condition their targets to respond to abuse. Incidentally, Wesley is based, in no small part, on that guy. Even 15 years ago his ideas about women seemed cartoonishly backwards. So by today’s standards he’d practically seem insane. When he would see her walking up to the store he’d say shit like “Oh great, here comes my fat fuckhole.” If his wife was fat then, by his standards, I must have been some sort of strategically shaved cave troll. He always seemed openly bored about anything she said, barely paid attention, but she just acted like he was being perfectly reasonable. I’ve wondered if perhaps his attitude outside was some kind of macho act that he would instantly drop as soon as he was alone with her. She towered over him. 2 and a half feet at least. I’m not joking. She was just shy of seven feet tall. A foot taller than Nina. Imagine that for a second. Look at a frame of Nina and Ed and imagine she’s a foot taller than I draw her. Everything about their relationship haunts me to this day… What could he possibly have to attract her to him?

Last night I slept poorly. Somehow I git the blankets bunched under my side and woke up sick from having my spine bent for several hours. It’s been a while since that’s happened, but when it does it really messes me up. Why it makes me nauseous is a mystery, but it’s like that until the muscle relaxes and takes pressure off that spot on my side. Sometimes I can stretch it out, today I could not. I haven’t felt this crappy for a while now. So it was a real pain to have a reminder of what it’s like.


*looks down* Yep. I’ve known these gals for a long time, too, and it’s been a love-hate relationship since I was 12.

As for your comments re: the abusive relationship, I feel for her. I really do. I spent time in an abusive relationship and can say from personal experience that the abuser learns early on just how to manipulate their victim to make them feel that they’re the ones at fault for everything, that they somehow deserve the abuse and have no right to question it. I was lucky in that when the abuse turned physical, my survival instincts kicked in and I (still with difficulty) managed to pull myself away from my abuser. He tried several times to get me back, promising to be different (as they do), and I almost fell for it. Years went by and I had moved on with my life, but about a week ago, the bastard looked me up on FB and messaged me, saying how much he missed me, claiming he was a new man, and asking if he could see me again someday. One of the scarier days in my life, I’ll admit, but I was able to block him and changed my settings so he (hopefully) can’t see any of my information.

Sorry for the long post, but your comment struck a strong chord in me (especially since he got in contact with me again so recently), and I wanted to share my story.

Well, yeah. Boobs change everything. Once they grow in, you don’t get to be a kid anymore, even if you really want to be. Can’t say I really remember back that far, but I do recall that the Coming of the Boobs was not at all something I celebrated. Still don’t – far as I’m concerned, they just get in the way.

I’ve enjoyed my second journey through the archives as much as the first, btw. Noticed a lot of nuances that I didn’t catch the first time. You’re a hell of a storyteller, and I look forward to seeing what comes next! Thanks. :)

I feel pretty good about my small boobs– till I put Halloween costumes together or go dress shopping. Nothing fits me anyway, so, whatever.

I’m pretty sure that halloween costumes are not supposed to fit anyone “normal”; if you can’t find something that fits, that’s a point in your favour. ;-]

… that goes for both genders, btw. :-/

Given that your average halloween costume is mass-made to standard measurements.. Not surprising.

There’s a reason tailored clothes are ‘spensive.. :P

Actually I think most of them are made to fit the largest person likely to buy them. I’m also pretty sure that when they come with a picture of someone wearing the costume that the costume has actually been tailored to fit the model better. I’ve never seen a store-bought costume fit a person the way it fit the model in the accompanying photo.

I’m a 38J. I have the same problem from the opposite side which is why I tend to wear a lot of men’s t-shirts that fit my chest but I’m swimming in everywhere else. I am capable of sewing and otherwise making my own clothing, but, unfortunately that costs so much more than pre-made clothes even before you consider the time it takes to actually do the work that it’s not worth it most of the time.

I’m a (short) guy, maybe medium size, but I have to wear large shirts or the cuffs are too small. I’ve had shirts that were big enough for another person with cuffs where the second button was too tight. And the big hands, big….. Yeah-taint so.

I stumbled across Rachel Riley on imgur, but it was on 8 out 10 Cats Does Countdown as opposed to the regular version. I already thought she was cute; but then she cracks jokes with Carr and the guests and does all her wicked smart math skills. Dang.

Odd question, but is there anything even remotely similar to the love/hate dynamic women (can) have with breast size for men? The *closest* I can personally imagine is body and facial hair. Growing up, it was a sore subject for me, but I eventually embraced slow growth as a convenience, rather than a sign of not being manly. Then, late 20’s hit, and I’m slowly becoming a hobbit.

In my opinion there is nothing that correlates one to one. Breasts are fetishized more than anything else in western culture.

In general, I’ve noticed a lot of guys tend to think of height this way. I myself like being tall until I hit my head on something for the fourth time in a day, or can’t fit into a space most people wouldn’t have a problem with. Then again, I could see this with some girls as well, but this is the closest thing I can think of.

The year I was a Freshman in College, I hit 6’0″, and that has stayed my height for 40 years. A friend who was 5’2-1/4″ (he’d always flash the coin and say, “Remember the quarter!”) rationalized it this way: “No matter your height, everyone else is either taller or shorter than you.” No wonder he is such a happy guy; dude’s got his stuff together.

Friend of mine stuck his pickup on a stump while at the same time getting his driver door wedged against a post. Yeah, that took some doing. The passenger door didn’t work, and he had to crawl out the window. He’s about 6’2″ so this was pretty amusing to watch. “Sucks to be tall don’t it?” I said. “Sometimes,” he answered.

Oh, yeah! My 6’2″ boss bought a new 1977 Honda Civic Coupe — which I guess was begging for trouble already. One November afternoon, he took it out at lunchtime to wash it. The temperature took a dip later on, and both door locks froze shut. Poor Nick had to crawl in through the hatch, and the back seat didn’t fold down!

When I was 14, I could look over my dad’s mere 6′ height;
I didn’t slow down growing until I was 24…

I actually had a girl, once, who, when she was tipsy, she would try to use me as a dancing pole.

I’ve come to embrace my short and skinny self, usually by way of “overhead storage” jokes and the like. But yeah, Napoleon Complex is definitely a thing.

I don’t usually comment, but after ruminating on this, it surprised me to realize that my boobs (or rather lack thereof) are almost the only part of my body I am pleased with (the only other bits I can come up with are my wrists and my eyes).  I decided flatness was ok way back in college, but I appreciate it even more now–despite two kids and fifty years of gravity, sag is really not an issue.
As for the sleeping position causing nausea thing, I can relate.  Something must be compressing some other thing (pardon the scientific terminology).  This happened to me when I was pregnant with kid #2:  if I tried to sleep on my right side I would wake up horribly nauseated, if I slept on my left I was fine (except for waking up with that ear sore from being squashed all night).  And bunched up bedding?  Ugh, I feel your pain.
(Sorry about the length–I didn’t mean to blather on and on, but apparently I’m hard to shut up once I get going (and excessively fond of parentheses.))

PS:  I think I said this somewhere a while ago, but it can’t be said too many times:  Love love love your comic!  I read a lot of webcomics, but BF has continually been at the top of my list.  These characters feel so real and true, and their development over time has been amazing.   I also look forward to what you have to say and to the thoughtful comments left by other readers (you guys are great!)

May you feel a lot better very soon!!

Would you please text me your former cowoker’s address? I just want to punch him until he bleeds. It amazes me how obtuse some bastards can be.

Years ago, after a mutually agreed break-up, a former girlfriend married some other guy. After they had been married for a couple years (and she’d given birth to his child, he started to bad-mouth her about her weight (she wasn’t fat in anyody’s book), and called her ugly (say, what?) and stupid (professional artist, able to contribute to any discussion). I took him to task about it and told him it would stop. She wasn’t aware of my ‘contribution’, but mentioned months later he had cut it out.

Everyone’s been sharing their boob stories, so I’ll share mine. I actually started developing when I was nine years old. They stayed an A-cup until about freshman year of high school. I ended at a C, and I am one of the few women I know who loves her boobs. I even play with them myself quite frequently. They’re not all that inconvenient for me, but they aren’t barely there either.
I always felt so bad for women who don’t like their breasts, but I think I can relate. I’ve always been embarrassed about my butt and thighs. It was like I hit puberty and suddenly my mom wouldn’t stop calling me things like Thunder Thighs and Ghetto Booty. It always hurt and I became really self conscious about it. Still to this day, I have a really hard time looking at my posterior and convincing myself that it’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s weird how you can be told something so much in your formative years that no matter how many people tell you otherwise, it sticks with you. I’ve had a lot of people tell me I have a great butt, but I’ll always think of my mom snickering and calling me Ghetto Booty. So, really I can relate to what Carol has been saying, just with a different body part.

If I had the same sane relationship with my sweetest perks as you, Carol, I´d be another man :P . We need more people like Carol xD. And, I´d frown up from sassing those upfront, but who am I kidding. The guys there must be happy!

Other people might have similar stories, but-
Maybe 15 years ago, I was sitting with a group of family members, + various friends of the family.
I saw two women, who were sisters. These two women both had figures kind of like Bette Midler’s figure
IMO, both women had occaisionally mean personalities, to be honest.
Somehow their conversation went around to how busty they were. Someone asked them about their sister, “Sally”, to which they replied something like:
“Oh her? Oh yeah…she looks like a Baywatch lifeguard, but she’ll NEVER be as big as us.”
That was odd.
I have seen many “p*nis comparing contests”, but this was the first [BOOB comparing contest], that I had ever witnessed!
Go figure.
P.S. “Sally” is not her real name.

Damn, Jackie… I love it when you make comics about characters’ backstories… but how many more comics will be about Carol’s boobs?

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