400 They Called Me Mr. Glass.

I got some Wii points for Christmas so I downloaded the first 3 Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People chapters.  Well, actually I tried the first one, enjoyed it, then got the next two based on the strengthof the first.  I had 1000 points left after that, but I decided to get two NES games with it rather than the 4th part of SBCGFAT.  Sort of a quantity over quality decision.  Megaman 2, and Punch Out (Featuring Mr. Not Mike Tyson), were the winners.  I have working NES copies of those games, but it’s a bitch getting out the NES to play a couple of games for thirty minutes.  It’s a shame there isn’t a way to get my entire archive onto the Wii.  That would be sweet, and I wouldn’t have to buy all those games again.


Reggie is an ass, truth, but it’s a fact Nina taking this to the physical level was a bit much. Yeah it was a slap, but it was not some light tapping.

I do kinda feel bad for Reggie, especially for all the ‘wuss’ comments, that’s as low an attack as Reggies comments on Ed (pun intended)

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