401 Habitual.

Okay, a friend of mine has entered this month’s Zuda contest.  Maybe you’ve seen her comments here.  Manekochan be her handle, mateys.

Now, I’m not saying that you should go to the Zuda website, ignore all the other entrants, and vote for Love The Dango.

No, I’m just implying it…

If you were to accidentally click on the link I’ll provide, then deal with Zuda’s annoying sign up process, and, after dealing with all the crap that entails, vote for Love The Dango, that would be cool.  Still, I’m not saying any of this outright.  I’m just pointing out this thing on the internet for you to see.

I’ll just leave this here…   Love The Dango .


Brooksie seems to like Ed as a “guy pal;” they can talk movie trivia back and forth. Nina’s interest in Ed seems to be a little more, uh, carnal. Unlike Reggie, Ed is actually likable, in spite of a gruff exterior, so both girls like him. Just in different ways.

As for “the Big Whack,” I really hope Nina avoids trouble. I foresee either the Red Menace (Carol) or the Godfather (Thomas) entering the resolution next week.

XD I has been plugged! :D Yay! Thanks so much! ^_^
(See how my comments get increasingly retarded the more happy I am? I can’t help it and I fear that everyone on Zuda sees me as “fluffy moron” instead of “bitter unhappy bitch moron.” I’m losing my bitch status! Nooooooooooes!!!! :D )

I’ve been creeping around the site forever. Love how the stories going :D

But a question. Is the Recession going on in that “world” of theirs? And, if so, how is it affecting them?

C – Well, only 1.5 days have passed in their time. So it’s still 2006 for the cast. They don’t know about any of the stuff that’s happening now.

Trolls like Reggie are vile. People like that need to be dragged into the moonlight and beaten

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