397 Lucky Bastard.

I’ll be in Garden on January 6th, a Tuesday I believe.  To those of you who that matters to: prepare yourselves. 

I had this dream where I was running a puppy breeding farm, but it wasn’t like those shitty puppy mills that you see on the news.  Each puppy had its own area and a person to keep care of it till it got a home.  The weird thing was that the puppies had the power of speech, but only talked about the kinds of things dogs would be interested in.  In pretty short order I realised that dogs can’t speak for a reason.

Let’s see…  This page appears on New Year’s Eve, so happy new year when that happens.  Thanks for sticking with me last year, and I hope you enjoy what goes on around here this year. 


Question, wouldn’t the whole mess of short stature insults be grounds for dismissal for Reggie?

C – Answer, not in any store I ever worked at.

I applaud you good sir. I actually read this comic from page 1 to 397 in on awesome sitting. Sleep deprivation never killed anyone, right? I can honestly say that is one of the greatest written and most down to earth comics Ive ever come across.

Actually, Reggie is goddamn *unlucky* that Ed likes this job. This ain’t over. Reggie looks disappointed that Ed won’t be fired. He’ll try something else, no question. Hopefully whatever he tries will also backfire.

I’ll bet Reggie is miffed over the fact that after just one day of working there, Ed seems to have the support (or sympathy) of both Brooksie and Nina. For someone who fancies himself with management potential, that’s got to be irritating.

He probably cares less about Brooksie’s loyalties, but Nina probably bothers him. Looking back on page 381, Reggie probably wants to get into Nina’s stylish pants. Seeing Nina more-or-less supporting Ed in this tiff has got to be all kinds of thorns.

… not that I’m supporting Reggie, mind you. The man is a total dick-splash, and hopefully when Mike finishes Carol’s management tutorial course, Reggie will be thrown out like a dirty diaper.

I’m just theorizing on the origins of Reggie’s frustrations.

PS: I actually used to manage someone like Reggie; it’s hard to fire a government contractor. That is until he made a pass at a federal employee, then is was easy.

I think it is funny that in Reggie’s bio it says he is afraid of getting in trouble and yet he starts this non-sense with Brooksie and Ed. I mean even if Ed started the physical altercation Reggie provoked him and now Reggie is going to be one man against the entire staff. I am going to love seeing what Carol and Thomas have to say about this.

Don’t most stores have policies regarding derogitory remarks? Ed could easily take this to a higher up (with two witnesses no less) and get Reggie in trouble. It would probably only result in a telling off or a write up, but I am sure it would get under Reggie’s skin.

By the way, if one of your goal is to get us all to hate Reggie (and I’m fairly sure you have said so at one point), then you are doing an excellent job.

he is not only making hightist remarks, he is also being insubordinate towards brooks. double whammy of firing.

Getting fired would be too easy. With all the ranting that Reggie made about his potential being over looked, the biggest blow to his over inflated ego would be to either change his hours as a no option for his ‘unteam’ like work ethic or demote him! It wouldn’t have mattered if Reggie started the verbal sparring, if Ed did get physical he definately would have been terminated. I don’t see Reggie going away soon, but I do see him seething baiting his time for another opportunity.

Wise choice there Eddy boyo.

But still… people don’t got the respect for Reggie’s insane trolling skillz.

They don’t get the respect because Reggie is an ass-wipe. Cheering Reggie is like being a Donald Trump fan.
Yeah, I went there :)

Actually since reggie antagonised him and there is a witness mike would have to fire both of them for creating a hostile workplace

All three of them (and possibly the rest too, they also seem fed up with him) march up to Mike and demand that he is fired…

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