Next year? O RLY?! I can has Interview in comix form that soon? That’d be really sweet if you’re actually able to get it out in ’09.

Didn’t know he was so angry. Seemed to take the short jokes pretty well. Not to mention being pretty assertive yet calm with Evil Carol.

Heh, it’s kinda sad when “normal” is a goal in your life…

Heh I find that pretty close to home myself. Minus the principal being my father. Or rather headmaster, we don’t call them principals over here. Still I turned out OK, and so did Ed!

Ha bullies don’t stop once they realize you will beat them up. They keep coming.

Different people are different. Some bullies stop, others do not. As much as is feasible, different people should be judged on their own merits.

That said, one who chooses to bully generally has few merits.

This is reflects my own experience. I was picked on through much of my school years and it subsided greatly in 12th grade, also.

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