As regulars already know, I like to have an image between sections of story. Usually they’re just a random image, but this time it’s related to the stuff that follows. That said, this image doesn’t necessarily make sense on its own, at least beyond the obvious implication that C3P0 enjoys the taste of P-Wing. Tomorrow it will be much more clear what inspired this.

This is also the kind of thing that I think could earn me a cease and desist. XD Although no one care of any import, and it probably counts as parody. On the off chance such a thing would happen I’ll replace this image with something else. Or ad some rainbows and really hide behind the parody laws. >:3


I always wondered why he acted like he had a stick up his import drive… now it might just make sense.

A cease and desist order is unlikely. Lucas lets people “play in his sandbox” for free as long it’s not for profit and doesn’t slander the Star Wars name. There have been some remarkably elaborate instances of “play”, such as the fan-produced film, Revelations, which came out for download and on DVD in 2005; see Revelations.

i think the wording combined with the look on his face is what made me actually start to laugh out loud!

His face is kind of naturally humorous already. Saying out of character things seems to seal the deal.

I totally should have put Dumbledore in the background now that I think on it…

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