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More adventures in Megaman 9:

There was a time when you could easily tell the optimum order for defeating Robot Masters.  Electricity screwed up the water guy, ice kills the fire guy, and so on.  As the games went along though it got harder to tell who was weak against what.  I mean, there’s a guy called Galaxyman.  What is the elemental weakness of a galaxy?  Is it concrete?  Is it bees?  You’d think it’d be a black hole, but no, that’s his weapon. 

I just dived in by tryng to decide what the least offensive gimick would be.  I went with Concreteman, reasoning that concrete isn’t dangerous unless someone throws it at you.  It turns out that’s exactly what Concreteman does, but I was still able to take him out.  I went along like that, making the wrong choices and finishing Robot Masters with the megabuster, for about half the game.  The first guy I beat that I actually had the correct weapon to screw him over with was Jewelman.  (They should have made Jewelman the female master, Jewelwoman, and made her weapon poetry…) 

Long story short, I still need to beat Tornadoman and Magmaman.  Now, I’m from Kansas so I know that tornadoes have no weaknesses.  Although if there was a master called Midwestman, or Trailerparkman, I’d know that Tornadoman’s weapon would take him out easily.  I know, at this point, that I have the weapon that easily kills one or the other of these two guys.  My theory is that a tornado will cool liquid hot magma, thus rendering it immobile.  I’m still not sure what weapon in my arsenal defeats tornados, but I’ll just fling stuff at him till he starts to die quickly.


God, I’ve been in the same boat as Ed before. It was always “I didn’t see who started it, I just saw you throw a punch, so you’re to balme” and the much blunter “I don’t care who started what, you’re both in trouble” (even though I’d be nursing a black eye and the other guy would be wiping my blood off his shirt). When it came down to it, it wasn’t about who was wrong and who was right, it was all about THEM avoiding leagal responability at all costs even though I just wanted a simple apology that wasn’t forced.

I can’t tell if it was more of a blessing or a curse; I never got hit in HS except for once, and I think it was because I think it was because I was just a strange kid. Sure there were the kids off in the corner popping mushrooms or the kids smoking weed or whatever, but with me, I stayed alone, in the classroom, with my art book saying nothing to no one. I have a feeling kids didn’t know what was wrong with me or in my head so they stayed away, or I was too pathetic to hit.

All in all, a very awkward high school daze.

I’m actually a little bummed no one threw a serious punch at me in high school… I’m graduating at the end of the week, actually. Anyway, the only scuffles I’ve been in have been resolved with no more’n bruises – my morbid humor coupled with training in multiple martial arts seems to’ve convinced everone I’m some kind of machine of death. XD

I forget what game it was… but there was a MegaMan (or MegaMan X) game where one of the master robots was actually weak against his own weapon. Or maybe I’m just crazy. That also reminds me of Mega Man X, where Chill Penguin was weak agains the X Buster. But he was also weak against the Fire Guy. After a while, capcom stopped trying to make it make sense, I.E. Spark Mandrill was weak against Ice. ?

I think my problems were that the principal/teacher/whoever would ask “What did so-and-so say to you?” and I just blanked. Kids say all sorts of shit to each other, and I was too pissed off to think straight, so I’d just shrug and then so-and-so got off scott free and I was in trouble.

Took me quite a few years to figure out why my childhood sucked so much.

Thats how all school officails act. Your getting bullied? Then it must be something your doing. Stop doing it and they stop. WTF!?! I personally hate all larddooties. They are a waste of money and are a form of corrupt government.

There must be decent ones somewhere, but the ones at my school from K-8 had a policy of ‘if you’re white, then FUCK YOU.’ The only exceptions being the little shits who mastered crocodile tears and claimed they’d been punched if anyone refused to hand over whatever it was they wanted this time. As if I’d sully my fists…

Bullies and troublemakers can be effectively controlled (most of the time), but it requires a greater commitment than very many people, all political stripes included, generally possessed. If anything, the toughest talkers were the weakest actors when push came to shove. Back in the day, my brother and I were in charge of our younger sister’s security. She was (and is) naturally hot and extremely likable and was sometimes subjected to what we would now call sexual harassment. He and I would put a stop to it whenever it happened. The means by which this was accomplished were probably illegal and may have caused psychic damage to the perpetrators. Although we didn’t actually hit anybody, our respondents understood that they would be pulverized if they didn’t do what we “asked.” It was effective and I’m not sorry we did it excepting for the fact that we had to do it at all. I don’t think we would have had to save for the pusillanimity of various school administrators in dealing with the personal security and safety of the students in their charge.

I was in the smart-kid classes in HS, so everyone was obligated to make fun of me. Problem was, I was 6’8″, 250 lbs, and had been trained to fight by a couple ex-marines in the family. So it was mostly name-calling on the other guy’s part, but there was one slick little douchebag that just couldn’t leave well enough alone. So I took the problem to the school counselor and let him know I was doing my best to shrug off this crap, but if that guy didn’t stop, he was going to get what was coming to him.

It worked for about a month before the kid started up again. I figured my juvenile record would be closed when I turned 18, so this was my last chance, so I let the kid throw the first punch, locked his arm and snapped his elbow, then bashed most of his teeth out. HS couldn’t touch me because I’d already lodged a formal complaint, showing the school that this outcome was a failure on their part to respond to an issue that was documented. You just gotta get the paperwork to cover your butt first. That’s all. The kid never regained the use of one arm and wears dentures. I, on the other hand, graduated top of my class.

“Irony be thy name” is what Metalman should’ve said the day he was defeated by his own Metal Blade during the boss rush phase of Dr. Wily’s Fortress during Mega Man 2. Seriously, you can beat him with just two shots from that thing and it’s every other Robot Masters’ weakness in addition to their main weaknesses! METAL BLADE OP!!! METAL BLADE ALL OF THE THINGS!!!

P.S. Heh heh, get it, IRON-y? It’s a type of metal, you see. I am witty, so says I!

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