341 I’m Your Huckleberry.

I feel like I’ve used that title before.  Still, I’m not worried enough to research it…

I’ve been getting fake Hallmark ecard messages on the comic mail server.  The logical part of my brain realizes that I shouldn’t be getting ecards from anyone, but the other part is really disappointed when I check them out and they aren’t real.  The thing is, now I understand how Hallmark stays in business.  That moment, before logic catches up, when I think “Somebody cares about me!” is the magic that keeps people buying greeting cards.  Of course I’d probably be just as happy with a post it note expressing some sentiment.  That way I wouldn’t feel bad about someone dropping three bucks on some colorful paper and a bad joke.  I’ll handle the bad jokes, Hallmark, thank you very much.



Hmmm, I recall hearing that line once before. Sounds like something my brother would say anyways.

You think that stuff is useless? About the only thing I can remember well is numbers. Safe numbers, house numbers, etc. Maybe it isn’t so useless, but oh well. I can recall events real clearly years afterward, too. Not names tho. Names don’t last a day.

There was a comic with Huckleberry in it, but not this title, I don’t think.

I’m getting to the rant length now. I’ll just shut up.

I actually think the line is Ill be your huckle bearer. Some weird debate went on about it one time and I guess huckles are the things on the side of a grave. Makes some sense. Also, I think all guys have some sort of person they like of the same gender, maybe not sexually but like them more than normal.

I would TOTALLY send you an e-card if I knew your e-mail… I bet I could find it, but I think that’s called stalking

also I might be stalking Alan considering how there were no comments for TWO YEARS and then barely 1 week after he comments BAM so do I

Just to be clear, I hope we’re talking about Top Gun and The Saint Val Kilmer and not the Val Kilmer we see these days…

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