335 The Three Amigos.

For those of you who don’t habla the espanol, “jefe” means boss. I’ve always heard it pronounced “heffay”. Anyway, when I thought of this page it reminded me of The Three Amigos, because El Guapo calls his majordomo Jefe. I’m a little uncomfortable with these sight gag kind of pages, but hated to just toss the idea.

Maybe I should have titled it the four amigos…


Yeah, it’s pronounced that way because in Spanish, “J’s” are pronounced like “H’s”
The true correct pronunciation is “Heyfay” but people often say “Heffay”.

This man needs more of the Sneakiness if he wishes to avoid the wrath of the Chested One. But seriously, I hope he takes solice in that view as it seems that he is about to be reamed.

He is a tan, tan man. Also yeah awesome greeting for him, also horrible because you know he has now entered the “danger zone”. This will be an interesting day, something tells me mike will end up locked in a storage closet, reggie hanging from a high and precarious fixture by his arms and a massive sexy party with the crew…or maybe thats wishful thinking.

Technically, her boobs in his face is her fault. That’s what she gets for puffing out her chest.

Just read through everything from start till here…and I gotta say it’s amazing :)
Although my neighbours might disagree as I was laughing out loud a couple of times..and that happens not all that much. So really, my praise be yours.

Darn..where is that “correct spelling mistake in previous comment”-button. Doh ;)

Crave: I’ll get it for you. I don’t count off for spelling though. Glad you enjoyed my work. Thanks for checking it out.

Wait… I just realized… “jefe” must be cognate with “chief”, loaned from Old French to Old Castilian…
Old Latin _caput_ > Vulgar Latin _cap_ >> Old French _chief_ > Old Castilian _xefe_ > Spanish _jefe_

I guess she has a certain identifying quality that’s not her face that the male employees know very well…

the only reason I know what “Jefe” means is because my friends call me “Jefe” as a nickname all the time, on account of my IRL name being Jeff, and the two are spelled similar.

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