Yeah the new season is awesome so far. Dean getting tha ladies, Hank getting attacked my a wereodile. A werodile attacked by a boxing orangutan and all the love in the jungle. I loves me this show too, just like I loves de’s comics.

You’se got the jungle fever!….both of you’se…

Damn it. I looked at this last night after midnight. Curse me and my impatience! Now I must wait until tomorrow to see newness.

Yeah I have heard that line too….but im not sure where….I think it was on sci-fi a few years ago….Curse you and your love of obscure mind boggling movie quotes

I looked it up and can only find references to Kuno from Ranma. I don’t think that’s right.

That’s where I heard the reference, the Engish dub Kuno likes to butcher Shakespeare when he prattles off at Ranma.

“Heaven’s vengeance is slow but sure” is an old saying, from China I think. Kuno did use it in Ranma 1/2.

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