I too am fond of the color purple and I don’t mean the movie.

BTW Jess has actually become even more enchanting to look at since we last saw her.

Purple is a good look, also a very regal color.

Jess has very enchanting eyes, actually most of the female characters have allure to them that draws outside the usual t and a aspect of other comic characters.

Ed should leave his hair down for work,
He looks tougher like that. Maybe he can bring
the pain on Reggie. I hope Jess is coming to see me.
Great work man.

I can’t decide who the glamor girl of this strip is: Jess or Nina. They both have such potential.

Out of curiosity, where does this strip take place? I get the impression it’s somewhere in either the midwest, like Chicago or Detroit area, but I could be way off.

Purple is technically a royal color. The word ‘purple’ comes from the Old English word purpul which originates from the Latin purpura. This in turn is derived from the Koine Greek ??????? (porphyra), name of the dye manufactured in Classical antiquity from the mucus-secretion of the hypobranchial gland of a marine snail known as the Murex brandaris or the spiny dye-murex. Only royalty could afford this process of coloring textiles. That’s my factoid for the day.

Sonusai wins the smart person cookie of the day. Also I think each girl has their own thing that appeals to each of a certain type of reader, instead of just the hot girl and then the not so hot girls surrounding her like in most stories with female characters as mainstays.

Purple is also the color for bishops. Maybe she has her own episcopacy (speaking of Greek-derived words).

BTW “Koine”, is correct, it simply means “common”. Koine Greek was the everyday speech of the people of the Eastern Empire.

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