312 Social Conscience.

You know, I’m still annoyed with the balance of items in Mario Kart Wii, but I sure love the balance between Kart/bike sizes. You can race, and win, with pretty much any ride you like. I mean I’ve found something in each weight class that fits my racing style. It’s cool because you can switch up racers without having to worry about changing tactics. I think that’s neat. Also, online play is way better than SSBB. Except for Friday/Saturday night you can find opponets pretty easily and there’s not much lag.


I like everything about this page. WOW like really everything the smoke, the clouds and light poles, the way the characters come out of the panels the way the panels are shaped. Really just fantastic keep it up.

Is it my imagination or is Brooksie’s eye color change every once in a while? I mean my imagination is powerful so I can’t tell truth from my make believe world anymore.

Her expression in the first panel is absolutely gorgeous! It’s like she’s saying “okay kids let’s make SHAPES today!”
(not that I condone smoking. Especially not if one is as cute as Brooksie.)

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