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Well, here we are again.
The Teen had a nice visit. She told me many tales of her workplace. She could probably write a comic of her own by the sounds of it. Lots of goings on in the old workplace.

Apart from that I don’t have much to report. Her visit was basically my entire weekend. She did cut my hair though.

I guess we can leave it at that for now. As always, you can support my work via the links above. Until next time, keep your stick on the ice.


I’m a bicyclist. My version of “keep your stick on the ice” goes like this:

“Keep the pedals turning and the rubber side down.” I.e. keep on pedaling the bike and keep the tires on the road.

It’s nice to hear that the Teen is functional. The workplace is often a source of dramatic/comedic fodder if one has the knack for being a storyteller.

I’m not saying they can’t, but- I think Reggie’s co-workers are jumping the gun, for right now.

In my opinion- Alex + Reggie,…Reggie + Alex, have only been dating for a short time, now.

Reggie might not be permanently + dramatically changed, at this time.

Please, let’s let the ocean-liner, The Queen Elizabeth 2, or in this case, The Q Reggie 2, sail around for a few months, before thinking that the “Alex + Reggie” project has become a giant success, for all of the people involved. Hm.

I can neither hear nor read the phrase “keep your stick on the ice” without hearing a little falsetto “huwaaAAA.” in the background.

I realize, “keep your stick on the ice”, is supposed to sound slightly taboo, I guess, but-
I think that…rubbing your reproductive parts on an icy pond would be MOST unpleasant! :D

Lol It’s a Canadian term for when playing hockey as you can’t shoot the puck properly without doing so. Made popular as a catchphrase by The RedGreen show as his end quip.

I suppose need to give it more time, but it does seem to lean towards Reggie being a decent person who just happens to be an abrasive asshole. Which absolutely exist. Only the people closest sometimes see good person inside that shell.

Personally, I think fairly opposite personalities are normal in successful relationships. No rule is absolute in dating, but generally, dating your clone SEEMS like the most logical choice, but it’s the least interesting or emotionally investing. If you already like the same stuff, living the same way, eating the same food, it’s more like a roommate than a romantic partner; there’s likely to not be a passion, a spark, neither party is stepping out of their comfort zone to do something the other likes, there’s less personal growth or seeing a different perspective or learning to respect something new. It’s like STARTING your relationship already in a rut, and if either party develops uniquely, it will obviously be away from that initial equilibrium and cause issues. This is all IMO of course, but it’s what I have noticed in the world.

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