255 Harsh But Fair.

Making this comic in the computer is a real bitch sometimes.  About the onlt way to get a background drawn in is to hand draw it, scan it, redraw it in the compy, then color it.  I don’t have time for that.  I need to find some way to streamline the process.  It’s no big deal to throw in some background if the camera is directly opposite it, but I desire angles.


Something gives me the feeling she’s quoting. =3 I should know since most of what I say is quotes. If she is, what is she quoting?

she is quoting i know i also know what movie it cause i own but i just cant remember which one

in reference to your back rounds problem, you could try creating a set of 10-20 templates and use them… granted that comic and comment are about 2 years old, so that may be moot..

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