Heh, don’t you just hate it when the person who’s taller than you is the one who is in the right? They look down on you. It sucks ._.

In just about every single business conference I’ve been to, they do the leadership talk. This is where they explain that you’re SUPPOSED to play HR with the staff. Work with them to the goal, you feelin’ me?

… Apparently, she hasn’t been in a managerial position very long.

I have a friend who blames all of the world’s problems on Barack Obama.

Graffiti? Obama’s fault.

War? Obama’s fault.

Famine? Death? Disease? Obama’s fault.

Rotten food? Obama’s fault.

Sour milk? Obama’s fault.

Every single freaking thing. Is. Obama’s. Fault.

This related to Mark’s comment because because.

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