253 So Happy.

You know, this page shows that, in my mind, Between Failures is animated.  If I could get that feeling across half as well as my mind can it would be quite spectacular. 

I hate to take things too far into the cartoony realm, but I do push it from time to time.  What I wonder is that, since the style is a reflection of Thomas’s memory, doesn’t that mean that he’s the one who added in the sparkley stars?  I think it does. 

The first version was a lot more pink.  I asked my mother if it looked alright, because I have a strange eye for color, and the pink got voted down.  The stars, however, got intensified. 


I like to watch what I write in my head, whether comic or story. My art sucks though, so it doesn’t look the same as it does in my head. I can see this all now in animation… as strange as that sounded, it looked pretty good! Nice comic! ^.^

OMG, Please tell me her eyes are NOT THAT COLOUR.

If they are…. I think I’m gonna kidnap her for myself…LOL

No..I’m Serious -_- j/k lol

Why do women in comics have hair with mystical properties? I mean, seriously, why? You can see straight through Brooks hair sometimes, and in comics, the secret identity of superheroines have shorter hair than the super-powered version of them. Even red mage (from 8-bit theater) has hair that changes colors depending on where you look from in some of the games he stars in. (technically, Red Mage kinda sorta counts as a girl because of thief’s messing with his head to make him think hes a crossdresser with daddy issues. Seriously, thief managed to pull that off)
So, can anyone answer my question? WHY DO THE WOMENFOLK (and Red Mage) HAVE MAGICAL HAIR IN ALL THESE COMICS?

she´s sooo cute!!i´d love to be able to sneak around and spy on people like her^^sry if my grammar´s bad…i´m german^^and hey, SotiCoto,do you know equals three by ray william johnson??cause you know,that´s just what a forum would say^^

okay no. NOW she has outdone herself. Also? Should she exist in real life worlds would begin and end by her hand.

weapons grade cute+ quote from Dragon Warrior (NES) = win
P.S. WHY Dragon Warrior? Princesss says it with sound effects and everything, similar to what would likely be heard here

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