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Ha ha! I’m on time tonight! I’m technically ahead of time because I started this early in the morning. I hate being awake in the day generally, but my body is doing a whole thing now so I’m just adapting as best I can. I’m getting to where the insomnia is breaking a bit although I don’t feel like I’m getting the really good sleep that makes me feel correct. Maybe that’s still from allergies, or maybe it’s trauma, or something else, but I’ve kinda got my sleep area set up in a way where my shoulders don’t hurt really bad in the morning from laying at odd angles.

Tonight is the first night in at least a week, possibly more, that I actually am starting to feel what I think of as sleepy instead of just becoming emotionally unstable and having to lay down because I assume the cause is a need to sleep. After I get done sorting this out I’ll probably see if I’ll actually sleep if I lay down. If not I may try to play Animal Crossing since it seems to lull me into a sleepy state.

Anyway, as always, please use the links above to support my work if it pleases you to do so. I will see you on Monday I guess, and likely sooner if you are already a patron. Also very likely sooner if you follow me on twitter or whatever else there is. In any case stay safe out there if you can & remember we’re all in this together.


Ok I have to say it, maybe it’s just me ( maybe it’s maybelline, sorry couldn’t resist) but I swear the art style changed. I noticed it last comic but thought maybe I was just tired, but this one looks like it too. Could be the background making look different, idk, looks fantastic either way.

Alex is, at the same time, blushing over “dick” phraseology, and winning said dick fair and square.

She just gets more and more appealing.

And it sorta shows what out host wrote about lately w.r.t. explicitness in dialog and art, and when to end a scene.

What vocabulary a real person (or fictional character) uses in this setting v. in flagrante is a thing.

Hmm. Your body may be attempting to adjust your circadian rhythm back to a day cycle. I know after a few days off from night shifts myself mine did. Only other thing can recommend is have a look at the purple mattress/pillows and see what you think of something like that. They have free delivery+return and a 100 day trial, so no harm no foul if it Doesn’t work. https://purple.com/

An online friend once attended an awards ceremony on behalf of an author friend of hers, who had been nominated to receive the Philip K. Dick award but could not attend the ceremony. This friend was supposed to receive the award on the absent author’s behalf, in case the author won. The conversation went something like,

“So you’ll get the Dick for me, then we’ll meet up and you’ll give me the Dick.”

“Neat, it’ll be my first time seeing the Dick. But if you don’t win the Dick, I don’t know if they’ll let me even touch the Dick.”

And so on and so on.

A PKD award winner at the after party happily pointed out “look, I have two dicks!”

(Second-hand anecdote and I can’t even remember who it was. He might even have won it twice.)

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