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We finally hit a point with Jess & Jo where I was either going to have to just start drawing a sex scene or shift focus and as you can see I made my choice. I was beginning to feel like I was in a little over my head because I still have a problem writing sincere sexual encounters. Goofy fantasy nonsense isn’t an issue, but there’s a barrier in my brain with what I experience as genuine romantic sex between characters. Maybe I’ll noodle around on the patreon with some spicier images or something with the J girls. Maybe the hang up doesn’t makes sense to some of you, but it’s in my head so I’m ultimately the one who has to cope with it.

My sleep issues have abated a bit, but I’m still screwed up and wanting to sleep when I usually work and work when I usually sleep, except at a greatly diminished capacity. Also my gums randomly started to hurt today like I had been grinding my teeth super hard. I haven’t done that in my sleep for ages since the, I guess bipap technically, makes me keep my mouth open when I sleep. Maybe it’s from the different pillow or something. I dunno. I’ve always kept my gums clean though so I feel like it’s not a dental thing. Anyway, it is what it is and I’m sorry for not having the pages up when I usually do. I mean it’s still within the range of being on the right day, but I used to have some standards for operating around here.

Anyway, if you want to support my efforts please use the links above. If you want to hinder my efforts, I guess use social media to destroy me. That seems like the in thing to do these days. Hopefully you don’t want to ruin my life though. Fingers crossed.


Nope, perfect break-and-tease.. Got to leave something to the imagination, and it fits the style of comic.
Running things up to heavy flirting up to the point of None of your Business/GoGetaRoomYouTwo! is in many ways more relatable anyway.

No doubt there’ll be peeps who moan and growl about not showing any action, but this simply isn’t the kind of comic for explicit content.
Seeing the gang work out life and each other is way more fun.

Agreed. There is plenty of imagining to be done among what’s been shown thus far.

I really like Jo’s confidence, Carol’s vulnerability, and the depth of Alex’s still waters (to paraphrase Thomas).

Agreed as well. One of the things I like most about Anne McCaffrey’s work is that when the couple goes into the bedroom, the door closes with us still outside. We know what’s going on without having to be in the middle of it.

While I do understand the rationale behind explicit sex and heavy flirting to the point that one should be shown and not the other, at the same time, I can’t help but feel that there is a societal double standard at work here.

No need to add spicy content if it makes you uncomfortable! The cut-away was more than enough to imply their wild evening lol

As far as the sex stuff goes, it’s probably best put on Patreon. That way those that want to see it can pay your VERY REASONABLE rate to see bonus content, and those that don’t, don’t have to. Assuming you want to do it at all. Not doing it is a great option also. Although, cutting back to them in the morning and seeing the aftermath might be pretty funny, especially if Jess managed to break her own glasses somehow. Anyway, on this comic, I am so sorry, but I can’t remember who the blond is and I am unable to do an archive dive today. Anyone want to help?

“but there‚Äôs a barrier in my brain with what I experience as genuine romantic sex between characters.”

Genuine romantic sex is often hard to define let alone write. And it is often boring, messy and or disgusting from an outside perspective. (Disgusting as in sweaty and sloppy NOT as a judgment of any particular activity).

This lead me to recall the cover of a comic book. “Domesticity Isn’t Pretty” by Tim Barela. I haven’t read it, but the cover is amusing. It just seems to capture the essence of what many relationships look like regardless of the genders/orientations involved.

I would probably read it if I had more time and money to spend on comics. Supporting comic artists is one of top things on my Lottery $ List.

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