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This insomnia shit has been wildly disruptive. I did finally fall all the way to sleep for a couple of hours though, which is why this didn’t get posted on time. I kicked over my computer holder area, but the Surface saved my progress, like a good machine.

Anyway, hopefully next time I’ll have my shit together. If you want to help me on my quest to be a functioning human who makes comics please use the links above to support my efforts. I’ll see y’all on Wednesday.


Is Jess “blind without ’em” even at that close a range? I’ve been in a couple situations like that.
(Then again I like women with glasses, so…)

The last time a female type person told me something like that….. I woke up 9 days later in Far Southern Mexico with a raging hangover, no money at all and a tatoo I do not remember getting in a place I can not look at on my own….

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