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Love, that strange interaction of chemicals in our brains that makes us addicted to other beings. I wonder if the good done in the name of love outweighs the evil, or if they balance out. This entire work is born, in part, out of the loss of love. Would I have helped more people over time if I had put more effort into love, or was the loss of it what allowed me to do more good? I expect that question will never be answered. I certainly did many wrongs in the name of love, or maybe in spite of it. I guess it matters little. Things are as they are. I’ve made a sincere effort to atone. When the books are balanced is when I’ll find out if it was enough.

What isn’t enough, however is the number of people supporting my work. To that end I point you at the links above. Like Patreon. If, perhaps, I have improved your life with my simple art you might like to improve mine. If not, well that’s my own fault, I guess. Maybe I’ll get you next time.


Aaaaahhhh, the blush!

Great nod to Vickie’s words, “You really like her-your involuntary responses are the only ones I trust!”

Wonderful stuff.

Love is hard. I’ve been married 19 years this August, and although it seems simple enough, things are not always fun or happy. Whenever she experiences heart ache or pain, I got through it with her, and vice versa. Not everyone can handle it, and that’s understandable.

good punchline my dude

(Do you have to have a joke to have a punchline?)

The last sentence functions the same was as a punchline in so far as it gives the page a feeling of narrative closure. It’s not a punchline technically but if there’s a word for what it is I don’t know it.

Romantic love is what keeps parents together so they can raise children. A lot of tge complexity of falling and staying in love is a matter of finding a good mate you can count on to help raise a family a and increase the chance of having genetically successful children.
This is very much an individual matter. You want someone with genetic strengths complementary to one’s own, but culturally ane emotionally compatible.
It’s not simple at all.

I watched Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather last night. Death- the character Death- scythe and all, had a great line, something the likes of ,”You could grind down the entirety of existence and not find one molecule of love, mercy, or charity, and yet humans can believe in them and recognize them. It is essential that humans continue to believe in things that do not exist.”

I feel like the last couple of strips between the two of them kind of are a payoff for their entire relationship up until now. Thomas is still technically teasing him, but in a way that still respects what Reggie is going through. It also shows sincere growth on Reggie’s part, if only because he’s now outwardly showing that what people think of him matters, but not in the upstart “my family is X in the company’ way he had been before.

It’s this sort of character growth that has kept me coming back to the comic year after year, week after week, because sure there’s no high action or magical shenanigans but sometimes you just need that down to earth, realistic, slice of life storytelling.

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