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Passive skill is kind of a video game phrase but I expect most people will get the gist if they haven’t heard it before. It’s pretty self explanatory. I’m sure most of you have met people who other people always seem to want to help, but you’ve also probably met someone with the opposite of that skill. Maybe that’s how the world balances things. For every person who seems to get help from everyone there’s another who people seem hell bent on hindering at every turn, deserved or not. Kind of like when you meet someone you instantly hate for no reason you can exactly name. Maybe it works like character creation. You can get an extra skill if you take a flaw.
I guess Jo must’ve taken “everyone wants to help” in exchange for “crippling social anxiety” & “escalating agoraphobia”.
I’m not sure what build I chose but it’s not working out very well.


Yeah I know what your talking about when it comes to passive skills. I have a friend who seems to have a passive skill that results in better mental heath for those around him. Never underestimate a good passive skill

There are many useless passive skills. Being a shiny vampire is a horrible passive skill.

My passive skill is skepticism. It’s great for surviving but horrible at making friends.

Passive skill? I would’ve said superpower. It sounds more impressive, but maybe more dramatic than Jackie wanted. There aren’t many superheroes who are ninjamatic wallflowers.

You basically just described the new Batman. Also sounds like Peter Parker, maybe Richard Reed. Plenty of superheroes would be happy with a quiet, normal life and only act different as part of the job, as it were (or Bruce Wayne who does the opposite–acting like a rich fool as a ploy).

Whatever build I went with is also griefing me in some ways that I’d rather it not

Honestly wouldn’t be a terrible build overall, just isn’t a build designed for this game world

I don’t like being around people I feel the need to constantly help. I guess that makes me a hinderer, to the helpless that expect it.

John’s approach to life is similar to mine. Always make sure you can handle things on your own, but be willing to help those who can’t.

I’ve had quite a few cases of having to solo everything not because nobody wanted to help but rather they were unable to at the time.

My passive skill is similar to Jo’s, but came with harder nerfs, like an inability to function on a schedule for more than 48 hours and such a strong desire to please others that I’m constantly burnt out.

I have a poorly thought-out build; I want to help, but I’m also so socially anxious that it’s difficult for me to actually offer to help, and even if I did, no one really wants it because they barely know me. Then I feel bad for not helping. I’m like a mage with severe dyslexia and a lazy eye–I can miss with Magic Missile.

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