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Alex has a business persona like most people & it’s the one she shifts into the most easily. Likely a defense mechanism. Of course we’ve seen that she has many facets to her personality, but she compartmentalizes them quite a bit. Everyone does this on some level & some people do it very little, but we’re rarely the same person all the time. You can see it in every character to one degree or another if they’ve had much screen time. Thomas is easygoing, unless he’s confronted with something that makes him unhappy, then he becomes much more unhinged. Carol is strident, but has a motherly side if you can get past her defenses. John is confident, but doubts himself deep down. Ed is dependable but directionless. Jess is brilliant but immature. and so on, and so on. Each heart is in conflict with itself. Unlike your heart will be after you become a patron using the links here and there about the page. Find inner peace by way of supporting the comic. I guarantee it. (For legal purposes the author cannot guarantee inner peace.)


Anyone who guarantees to empty your heart of conflict is selling “Sanke Oil.”… Or a lobotomy. Expensive but hey, do whatcha gotta do. THos. is still favorite. Alex and Jo are still hottest, but Reg is almost at the point where I’d be willing to call him a friend. He’s changed so much, and I think the experience in the basement kinda broke open the dam that was holding him back. Complex characters, some with complexes, some with complications, but all lovable for being so three-D. And 3-D without using any plastic or industrial toxins.
Hunh! Musta been laser-sintered.

I still find your clever Patreon segues endlessly amusing. And I am enjoying watching the relationship between these two develop.

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