when Jo ships, she ships hard

Ship it reeeeeeeal good!

This is a boffo entry: Each of the four characters has at least great spot.

Also, is “stay the night at the library” what the kids are calling it these days? (Signed, the guy who crushed on a classmate librarian in eighth grade and never grew out of my thing for librarian/docent/bookish women.)

The best part is that Reggie probably would have had no idea that a “chance” may have occurred on its own. Most of us guys fail to miss such things.

Though for my money, Reggie should go along with it. Just shout toward the backseat, “What, you don’t want in on this? It was gonna get crazy. I got a trapeze, a pot of noodles, fifty feet of garden hose AND–brace yourself for this–FOUR. LIVE. CHICKENS.”

Just trying to imagine what you do with all that will bend your mind.

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