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Well… Here we are. I’m hesitantly going to try and jump back in to the regular storyline since we came to a nice cutoff point. For those of you who have forgotten what was going on when my life got flipped, turned upside down, here is the URL for the previous comic in sequence:

2363 Never Walk Alone.

I may have to jump back into filler depending on what life throws at me & I can’t guarantee that every comic will post as midnight on posting day. I’m just gonna try my best and hope I can keep up. If nothing else I have emergency storylines in the pipe in case of emergency.


For real though, Jo, Reggie is safe to be around and nobody expects the unexpected.
Take the personal security if it’s there.

Well Jackie, you weren’t kidding when you said you were gonna do your best, huh? The facial expressions and gestures in this one are on point! Jo’s face in panel 1 in particular really reminds me of the kind of looks her uncle gives her in the few comics he’s appeared, while Reggie’s face is just… Pure Reggie energy.

I really like the flow of dialogue here too. In any case, it’s nice to come back to these guys, but don’t overwork yourself. There’s plenty of joy to be had on your so-called filler. Here’s to everything going as well as it possibly can for you, and always better than before. But if it doesn’t, we’ll understand and be here to support you as best as we can.

Classic Reggie: somehow finding a way to do the right thing while simultaneously annoying the person he’s helping *and* himself.

This is such a great comic. Keep up the good work! ^_^

Just take the day as it comes and do your best to persevere in the face of adversity. Life is tough for many of us, even more-so for others. But I am enjoying your work and I hope that by working on this you can continue to move through the difficulties.

He chose the wrong sentence, He really meant to say:
“Reggie is simply ANNOYING.”

…But, to be fair- I think Reggie is honestly [trying] to be supportive to Jo, right now.
He’s kind of saying- you + I aren’t buddy-buddies, but I really like your friends, so for me to (try and be good + kind to you, + them), I’d like to help you out.
Maybe this isn’t the kindest or friendly-est way of saying- “I’d like to be good + helpful to you”, but I think Reggie is trying [very hard] to be good + helpful to Jo, right now. Hm.

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