“audiobooks do”
dude you’re threading a very thin line right now XD


And you’re on thick ice

Well, knock me down with an ostrich!

But no sense in crying over spilled milk under the bridge now.

She was torn between fun and duty,
she was torn between fun and duty.
Through employee turn over and through the shame
She tends the store and who can blame?

She was torn between fun and duty.

All Carol has to do is make one phone call, and anima could be part of “Mystery of the Winthrop: Act II.”

That should say Nina. Blasted auto-correct.

Yeah, people don’t wreck texting. They wreck while wrestling with auto-correct, which is about 100 times more distracting.(You absolutely shouldn’t text and drive-just sayin)
“Hey, auto-correct, stop messing with my curse words, you mother forklift!”

Audiobooks are awesome. I got through a huge chunk of Dickens in a summer thanks to audiobooks while riding the lawn mower.

I know there’s a market/use for them… BUT!!!

To a true bookwurm the sheer mention of them is rank heresy.. And Nina’s reaction is roughly typical when they get mentioned in Polite Company.. :P

You’re getting a book (all of of the words) inside of your head. Why does the way it’s done have to be gatekept? You sound like the people who are anti e-books because they’re not heavy tomes.

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