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I wonder if anyone will recognize this one. XD
It’s daylight savings time again, so everyone is dragging ass around here. We need to abolish this dumb practice. Stick lights up at bus stops if that’s the issue for kids.
I don’t know anyone who is in favor of it. How it is we end up with things no one likes is beyond me.

In some ways Reggie is right. Money makes practically everything easier. Although it also comes with some drawbacks in almost every situation having money is better.


I’ve heard some Senator wants to end the transitions between DST and Standard time, by leaving it permanently on.
Personally, _if_ they are going to end the practice, I would advocate for turning it off, and leaving it off. It would just be more natural that when the sun is directly overhead, the clocks would read twelve noon, not one PM. (Or as close to that, within a given time-zone.)
But that’s just my opinion.

Actually that’s Canada. We were supposed to get rid of it in Ontario this month but only if New York and Quebec did the same. I don’t know which one bailed though.

The retail industry lobbyists work very hard to keep DST from going away. Apparently people spend more time out generating business when the sun stays up all night. I am pretty sure they were responsible for extending it a few years back.

The “make it all year long” thing is something I proposed a while back as a compromise. Basically acknowledging that the political machine will never get rid of it, but removing the worst aspects of it.

Personally, I think the year-round DST idea is stupid. But I’d still support it, because it’s less stupid than diddling our clocks twice a year.

BC, Washington, Oregon and California are also looking at it as a block. The economists are all saying go full daylight, the sleep & health experts are saying go full standard time. My preference is standard time, but would support either just to scrap the one day of lost sleep to save lives (lethal collisions spike on day 1 dst. Not offset by the fallback).

That said, I’m jaded enough to expect that they’ll favour a small obvious economic boost (daylight retail spending) over a less obvious, larger economic boost (a healthy/happy population managing their finances better).

BC did the same thinking, implementing full time jr kindergarten. Economists said make it mandatory, to get parents back to work, teachers/child psychology development experts said, make it available and keep it optional (as children at that age benefit more from parenting time), like kindergarten was. BC Gov’t leapfrogged and went from optional sr kindergarten straight to mandatory jr kindergarten, forcing kids who could have stayed with their at home parent for two more years to be institutionalized.

I’ve found that no one is happy with swapping back and forth with Day Light Savings Time.
But it’s a pretty even split if it should be always on or always off.

That being said, I’m of the opinion that more light in the evening is preferable.

That could be solved by changing standard working hours instead of fiddling where the sun is at noon.

I’m a little less of that opinion. No one needs daylight at 10 PM. I don’t know how many times I’ve sat around at 10:15 waiting for “dusk” on the Fourth of July so fireworks could start. If we inverted the time changes, you’d have days that were almost uniform length all year, with maybe about two hours’ difference in sunset times.

I don’t see how this conversation can end without Reggie and Carol becoming, in some small way, friends. And I’m happy.

I want to see Reggie become one of the gang. And not only is it happening… it’s being *earned*. It would be trivial to just draw one new comic where suddenly Reggie is one of the gang. You could even have dialog: “Wow, that sure was a crazy six months where you gradually became our friend! Ha ha!” But it would be a cheat to do that. This is not cheating.

This continues to be one of my favorite comics. Keep up the great work!

Best answer is just get rid of time zones, and have universal times.

Businesses will gravitate one way or another locally, but then its otherwise less fiddly. Sun goes down when it goes down everywhere. And everyone knows when everything is going on. You can measure other things like travelling by how much sooner the sun goes down in the new area.

I think time zones are a perfectly good idea. Everyone is happier if waking hours roughly correspond with daylight hours and “noon” in their time zone is roughly when the sun is directly overhead. Having one-hour wide belts turned into the time zones seems like a sensible way to get that.

Some people (e.g. the military) use “Zulu time”, sometimes called “Greenwich Mean Time” or “UTC” (a French acronym for Coordinated Universal Time). This is the time in the zone of the “prime meridian” (the longitude line at 0 degrees longitude). For a preview of what it would be like to live without time zones, set your phone to show you UTC time, and see what you think. I’m writing this a little before midnight in my time zone and in UTC it’s 8am tomorrow. I would not prefer to lose having “morning” correspond to times like 8am.

By the time it’s actually morning in my time zone it would be 14:00 or so (2pm if you like) in UTC.

I vote we keep time zones, but I do think I would prefer to stop gaining and losing an hour for “Daylight Savings Time”.

This 100%. While people could “get used to it”, it’s very practical to have a common frame of reference for daytime when dealing with international communications. i.e. It’s easy to understand when someone tells you they’re tired because “it’s 2a.m. here” rather than, “I’m UTC+15hrs man”.

For strictly vital coordination UTC makes sense because the inconvenience is outweighed by the absolute knowledge that your troops are all coordinated, or your servers don’t care because they don’t sleep anyways.

the problem is not time zones, it’s DST
it’s completely useless to switch back or forward an hour twice a year just to “SaVE uP On EneRgY”
you save up like 0.4% on energy consumption and the mental strain on fucking up our sleeping schedule is certainly not worth it

ask people living in countries that don’t deal with the DST bullshit how bad they have it lol

The introduction of DST was just that – save on lighting costs – back when it was introduced, commercial lighting was expensive and not all that common. Just look at the architecture of the time with skylights running the length of factories and shop windows two stories tall. Most commercial establishments relied heavily on sunlight.
The whole concept was a temporary measure that was glommed on by big business to save money and now does nothing of the kind but put peoples health and safety at risk twice a year ….. Hmmmm, that may be the actual reason if you are into conspiracy theories, the 1% bank on making money by making others miserable or dead.

Reggie is right, aside from my social issues, literally every one of my problems i can think of would be solved with an overabundance of cash. Most studies show money has a direct impact on happiness if you’re talking about the impoverished

Circa y2k, a study was done and found that a household income of 75k$US was the median around which domestic disputes ceased being primarily about money (money fell to #2, and fell further as income grew. It Never disappears though). I can’t remember what became the #1 issue.

Damn, Reggie.

I mean, he’s right. I’m currently working on a plan to be wealthy enough not to be overly concerned with money, even if the economy crashes.

Like a great philosopher once sang:

“Well if money can’t buy happiness, I guess I’ll have to rent it.”

When you have nothing to lose, everything is an option. When you have everything to lose, your options become limited. That said, money does help smooth out problems. No, money doesn’t make you happy but if you are smart with it it can make you less miserable.

Younger folks may not be aware that Nixon tried to ban Xmas lights and standard time late in 1973. It was not well received. A whole lot more people were putting their kids on school buses before the sun came up.

So Reggie wants freedom to live life how he wants. That’s fine and all,. but if he doesn’t get a good solid clamp on that ego of his Ruth’s worries of him being above the law will most likely happen.

Carol not Ruth… this is what I get for not checking names. And there is no corrections option here. I’d like to request that cause its very handy for correcting mistakes.

Meh. Mistakes were made. You are human. As am I. Pity the fool whose life is so hollow that they must fight and die on the hill of spelling, grammar and punctuation on the internet.

Is it important that we try? Sure.
Is it necessary to berate people when they make such a mistake on the web? I am disinclined to concur with such an assertion.

However, I do think all social media/forums/platforms would be significantly improved by a five minute delay between when a person stops typing and when they can hit [Submit]. Or maybe a dynamic delay, starting at one minute and increasing with the frequency of a person’s posts. As well, it seems a pity that more forums didn’t adopt slashdot’s mod/meta-moderation system. It seemed a good balance between allowing the sewage to flow, while not making us all wade through it.

1st biker- “Come on! Let’s do it. It’s a free country!”

2nd biker- “Yeah…If you have enough MONEY, and wear the RIGHT UNIFORM!”

—A discussion in the US Film: Hell’s Angels ’69.

[Please notice- when he says, uniform, he means- you must have the right fashion look, + wear the clothes that- most people, + the powerful people, will accept.]

The mere notion and practice that you have to create the illusion of longer daylight hours by merely adjusting the clock one hour for the purposes of energy savings and travel convenience is downright laughable once you really get down to it. It’s pretty much trying to hold back a leaky dam by covering the cracks with bubble gum. It’ll hold for a little while but the problem will persist.

there’s an old saying “Money may not make you happy, but I’d rather be sad and miserable in a mansion than in a box on out on the street”

Money isn’t real. It’s a man-made concept.

Said in jest- But then the taxman [still] comes and takes 1/4 of my “man-made concept”, every year.
Hm. :D

Anyone remember when Argentina’s economy crashed so hard they were bartering and trading at markets?

I don’t think I could barter every purchase I make with cash.

Money does not buy you happiness. But it certainly allows you to purchase your personal choice of misery.

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