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Welcome back to the junk room everybody! It’s me, coming back at YOU, with a whole new comic page! If you like the content be sure to leave a comment, thumb up the page, so I know you like it, & visit Patreon or Subscribestar to support the channel.

Bright Sun Films was the intro from last time BTW… Great channel if you like abandoned places & stories about the decline of American culture.

Reggie’s backstory sounds like the setup for a story about a rich kid that murdered their parents. I’ve seen so many videos about that. The kids get everything handed to them, but once they reach a certain age the parents expect them to be useful in some way & the kid/s murder the shit out of them to get the money. Luckily Reggie is one of the ones who wasn’t raised in quite the way that results in patricide. Also he doesn’t have the random brain malfunction that causes murder sometimes. Looks like the Boothe parent’s lucked out. He probably won’t murder them. I’m leaving the door open though… you never can tell with life…

Mom’s gonna get her covid shot pretty soon if they give her a call. After that I’ll be the only one left who is in danger. I’m desperately suppressing my desire to lick everything, but who knows how long my will can hold out…


From everything we’ve seen, it’s clear that Reggie’s parents (or at least his dad) want him to actually EARN a living. Reggie on the other hand believes he’s entitled to an easy life BECAUSE his family is rich, but he was denied such a life.

Basically, Reggie wants money so he can live a life that he feels is owed to him, while normal people will work hard for their money to EARN a nice retirement.

I don’t quite see that. To me I don’t believe hes saying he wants his family’s money. I believe he’s saying he wants money to feel secure enough to be able to pursue his interests and the lack of it to do so is really frustrating. Especially when he was denied scholarships, he was told to work for daddy.

I’m with you in this. Sounds like he could have used more vocational training, or more academic training and got neither.
Yay! Shots are moving down the line. I get mine in two days! I’m old enough to have gotten it weeks ago, I just couldn’t find one in the quad-state area. Now I don’t even have to leave the county!
See, here? Reggie is GOOD art construction after all, he’s building bridges!

Agreed. Reginald has said nothing about being _given_ the money for freedom, just that he wants to acquire it.

I feel like his family used money as a stick. We’ve seen his interactions with his dad, who acted very much surprised how Reggie treated him about things. I almost feel like that was probably one of the few times his dad actually acted like a father to Reggie, showing any real concern at all. The fact that it took something his father, Reggie’s grandfather, may have done to get it to happen says a lot.

I get that his parents wanted him to succeed on his own, same with his sister, but there is a certain point you need to willing to offer a helping hand to your own kids. And I feel like Reggie has had either so few helping hands he doesn’t know what to do with them or those hands came with many, many string attached making him very suspicious of any help offered to him.

Honestly, if you’re from generational wealth, or even made good yourself to the point, as Reggie says, your family is outright “wealthy” (which let’s face it usually means “rich”), it’s simply either tight-fisted or bloody-minded- or both- to NOT pay for your kid(s) to get a post-high-school education. Like, why WOULDN’T you? Decency aside, one element in particular for the superficial and ostentatious is the show of it, like maintaining your status in comparison with other families; NOT sending your kid(s) to college makes it seem either a) you can’t afford it or b) your kid’s such a dud there’d be no point, neither of which is exactly good advertising for your family.

Have to agree with this too. Unless the family has some built in corporate scholarship thing and they want to bring the next gen up in the business while getting a degree. But even with family dynastic corps, don’t they usually want the kids to get some outside exposure before bringing them into the fold so that the corporate culture doesn’t go stale and asphyxiate on it’s own beurocracy?

You’re being all serious with your posts and asking to donate and real stuff and I’m just over here unable to believe the set up for that pun


The friennnd ship, soon will be making another run!
The friennnd ship, promises something for everyone!
Set a course for adventure,…

[So, where’s Issac, + Captain Stubing? ]

Yeesh, I wonder if we’re gonna see a scene with reggie and his dad discussing collegein the future. Currently imagining his dad making out of touch boomer advice to bite the bullet and get loans and reggie having to explain how really expensive it is compared to his heyday and how living wages haven’t really improved in decades.

Reggie’s dad would have to be 57, at the youngest, to be a boomer. Of course, it’s possible to be either a “chronological” “state of mind” baby boomer.

I’m thirty years younger than my parents, and lots of folks become parents in their twenties, and the dad looks pretty well-kept, so I’m guessing 46-ish?

I don’t see his dad being out of touch like that at any rate. If he were in his mid-to-late 60s, and his kids were well into adulthood (maybe got their degrees before the price exploded recently), that’d be different.

(I say this as someone who is a chunk older than Jackie. I’ve told many of my age peers that the inexpensive bachelor’s degree that I got, and they got, is a thing of the past. Some of them do get it.)

Lots of people, especially those with wealth, wait to get established before having kids. I don’t recall seeing Reggie’s mom so there could be an age difference and 57 becomes entirely reasonable to have a college age kid.

Also, post secondary costs have been climbing against the earnable wages for several decades now.

Everyone is talking crazy education costs, so I went and asked my nieces who are preparing to enter the system.
It is almost as crazy up here as stateside cost wise though without the leech of resources that sportsball is down there. They also qualify for a swath of scholarships and grants, so their finances look better than most – they just have to finally make up their minds on what degree to go for – they love art but have enough family example of how art doesn’t pay unless you get really lucky.

My cousins on the other hand look at me with pity since they don’t have the life strangling tuition system to deal with. Heck they don’t or didn’t pay tuition at all as it is some sort of alien concept relegated to private schools. Mind they had to maintain certain standards. Get high enough marks and a few of them were able to take post graduate in colleges outside their home country with all basic costs covered.

They have this radical idea that education is not a monetary profit making enterprise and their educational institutions don’t have school sports teams to support.

I’m on the fence about getting the shot myself, I’m a delivery driver and we’re on the list to get our shots, I’m worried about it because I can’t afford to get sick from it and be off of work for a few days to get over the shot. My boss doesn’t have the man power to have everything covered if one or two people call out either…

To be fair, your body might react, and you may /feel/ sick from it; however, since you won’t be infected by anything, you aren’t actually *sick*. It’s a rare case of it being ok to just drug up with decongestants and ibuprofen and tough it out at work since you won’t make anyone else sick. For all other cases when someone is actually sick with a contagion they obviously should *not* just tough it out as they risk exposing everone they come across. As well, I’m not advocating that you *should* work when you feel like crap and are under the influence of medicine, obviously as a driver that’s not a good idea. Just that you could still work even if you felt bagged from the shot.

But I am also lucky to live in a different region with what sounds like a better social net. I empathize with your plight. It sounds like your boss should be involved in a proactive dialogue with the employees about scheduling your shots.

Just got my second shot. My pharmasist warned me today – do *not* take Ibuprofen. Take nothing the first 24 hours. After that, take Tylenol/ acetaminophen. The reason for no pain killers the first day after is, taking them at that time reduces the percentage of protection. For myself, I want to be in the 95% with Moderna. So 10 more hours to go. Sore arm, but not crazy sore, so far. Tiredness, but not overwhelming, also so far. – About work, my housemate got hers the day before time off, so she had down time available to recover in. – Johnson & Johnson shots are becoming available. Friends who got them report that those single shot vaccines pack about the same need for down time as second Moderna shots.

Also, once everyone in the house has the shots, masks do not need to be worn indoors, though they are still needed outside. Plus, family members can hug each other again.

I wasn’t going to do this, but you guys seem like the kind of people who will be able to give me the answers I need. I found these 12 questions online and need it fact-checked. How correct is it and what is it getting wrong? I know it’s kind of long, and if it’s TLDR, I apologize. Thanks.

Here are 12 important questions and answers before considering getting vaccinated:

?”If I get vaccinated can I stop wearing a mask(s)?”
Government: “NO”

?”If I get vaccinated will the restaurants, bars, schools, fitness clubs, hair salons, etc. reopen and will people be able to get back to work like normal?
Government: “NO”

?”If I get vaccinated will I be resistant to COVID?”
Government: “Maybe. We don’t know exactly, but probably not.”

?”If I get vaccinated, at least I won’t be contagious to others – right?”
Government: “NO. the vaccine doesn’t stop transmission.”

?”If I get vaccinated, how long will the vaccine last?”
Government: “No one knows. All COVID “vaccines” are still in the experimental stage.”

? “If I get vaccinated, can I stop social distancing?”
Government: “NO”

? “If my parents, grandparents and myself all get vaccinated can we hug each other again?”
Government: “NO”

? “So what’s the benefit of getting vaccinated?”
Government: “Hoping that the virus won’t kill you.”

?”Are you sure the vaccine won’t injure or kill me?”
Government: “NO”

?”If statistically the virus won’t kill me (99.7% survival rate), why should I get vaccinated?”
Government: “To protect others.”

?”So if I get vaccinated, I can protect 100% of people I come in contact with?”
Government: “NO”

? “If I experience a severe adverse reaction, long-term effects (still unknown) or die from the vaccine will I (or my family) be compensated from the vaccine manufacture or the Government?”
Government: “NO – the government and vaccine manufacturer’s have 100% zero liability regarding this experimental drug”

So to summarize, the COVID-19 vaccine…
Does not provide immunity
Does not eliminate the virus
Does not prevent death
Does not guarantee you won’t get it
Does not stop you from passing it on to others
Does not eliminate the need for travel bans
Does not eliminate the need for business closures
Does not eliminate the need for lockdowns!!!
breakdown by Irishman1776

I work for a society that publishes peer-reviewed experimental biology research journals. All the answers in this list are wrong or seriously misleading. ALL of the editors and board members I communicate with are getting the vaccine, and they recommend it for anyone who is not allergic to any of the components.

All of the vaccines provide good resistance to the virus, and they absolutely DO prevent death from COVID-19, if you should still become infected.

It is not yet proven whether vaccination prevents transmission of the virus to unvaccinated people, because it’s too soon to tell. It very well might. It is safe for people who are fully vaccinated to be around each other without masks and distancing, but they should still wear the mask etc. where unvaccinated people might be present, until enough people are vaccinated that the risk of transmission drops for everybody.

Most of the glib “NO” answers in that list are based on yes/no to questions that can’t be answered FOR CERTAIN because we still have less than 18 months experience with this virus. But the progress has been tremendous–we do not have a vaccine for HIV after 40 years of research–and this is a global public health emergency.

I got the shot on Monday (Pfizer). Will get the followup next month. I encourage you to get vaccinated. The current death toll in he U.S. is 536,000. We can start to put an end to it.

Yeah lot’s of those answers are naively short or just flat out wrong. (most of the no’s are realistically “probably” or “probably not”). The global survival rate (between deaths and resolved cases) is just around 97.3%. [97.3million recovered, 2.67 million dead] source: worldometers dot info. Also, what is less discussed is the large number of people who are left permanently injured by the illness. A lot of survivors have persistent problems with their breathing and health after surviving covid.

If you want the shortest answer: If you want to improve the odds that covid won’t kill you ~ 1:50, get the shot. If you want to reduce the odds of being disabled by covid, get the shot. I really don’t like russian roulette at 1:50, so am getting the shot as soon as I can. If you don’t want your grandparents to die from covid (their odds of it killing them are _way_ worse) they should get the shot. If you don’t want to miss weeks or months of work while sick with covid, get the shot. (better to /maybe/ miss a couple of days vs maybe die)

Credentials: I have absolutely no qualifications to talk on any of this. But this is the internet and you asked. There are plenty of official and reputable sources on covid. Start at wikipedia and follow their sources. Compare with bbc, cnn and al jazeira. Consider discrepancies. Of course, I am also Canadian and have a higher degree of trust in my public institutions, even if the Liberals themselves are corrupt. (The Cons are too, but they’re better at hiding it)

“Compare with bbc, cnn and al jazeira” Can’t really speak to al jazeira, I would harbor a healthy amount of skepticism, but cnn? You’d be better off to get your news from National Enquirer (are they even still around?) Our media lies so often, about so much, that if they ever did tell the truth, there’d be absolutely no reason to believe them.

Then watch fox, and still compare what you hear vs other sources. The key is less *what you hear* and more *how you evaluate* the information you receive.

It’s interesting that the rest of the world relies on cnn for what’s happening in the US more than Americans seem to. That aside, that’s why I provided a suggestion of multiple likely opposing news sources from outside the US. BBC has a reasonably good reputation and between CNN(or whichever US news)and Al-J you can pretty much be guaranteed of getting both sides of anything middle east related.

A good question to ask yourself with any news source though: what benefit does that company’s owner get from them lying about a topic? Also, how likely is it that the *competing* CNN,NBC,CBS,ABC et al. would all be motivated to broadcast the same lie as BBC, CBC, french news, german news, ABC(Australia)? I mean… really?

I worked in the public sector and in the military. Given how incompetent they were, it would be truly mind blowing to see all the worlds news sources collaborate and push some epic lie. The scoop on dismantling that kind of information cartel would be worth jumping ship. Never mind the degree of competence required to not fuck that up. We’d be talking about hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of underpaid and abused interns willing to keep their lips sealed.

“We’d be talking about hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of underpaid and abused interns willing to keep their lips sealed.”
Nobody has to keep their lips sealed. Everyone knows they lie constantly, but if you stick your neck out to say so, you’re de-platformed, demonitized, discredited, called a racist, bigot,sexist and anyone who’s associated with you in the past is similarly treated. Generally not worth it.

“I would harbor a healthy amount of skepticism”
*EXACTLY* That’s the heart of reading multiple sources and evaluating what you get. If you ever find yourself thinking “this is the only source I trust” then you’ve likely succumbed to bias reasoning and discarded valuable checks on your data input.

As I wrote somewhere else, when following the US election I waited for CNN to call it for Trump or Fox to call it for Biden. Because you *know* they wouldn’t have, unless they really had to.

I crashed and burned at a private Poison Ivy League college in the early 70s and never got a degree.

Both my parents worked, and the estimated yearly cost to attend the school–tuition, books, room, board, incidental expenses–was about half their gross annual income. Financial aid and student jobs covered half. I borrowed another quarter, and the remaining quarter, I could earn over the summer at jobs that paid minimum wage or a little more–working at an auto parts store, landscaping work at a ski/golf resort.

I borrowed money to cover 3 years of school, and was able to pay it back at something like $35/month. (Money was inflating at the time, so the longer it took to pay it back, the cheaper the payments got.) Worked low wage jobs that whole time, and still was able to pay it easily, even when unemployed.

State colleges were a lot cheaper.

The situation for students today is insane. I’ve joked for decades that I’ll donate to the college when I earn more in a year than the sticker price to be a student. It’s been 47 years, and I haven’t hit it yet. People should NOT have to take on ruinous debt for an iffy chance at a living-wage job.

I really really like the phrase, “private Poison Ivy League college”. Solid gold. I just can’t decide if I like imagining as a DC botanical school or the kind of place Patrick Bateman would have attended.

When I was there, it was known as a pre-med mill for upper middle class kids who were rejected by the Ivies. :)

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