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Hello there, here’s some more news. If you enjoy he showdy please remember to like, comment, share, & support us via Patreon, Subscribestar, or whatever the hell else I linked just above here.

I gotta say, I don’t love doing the hard sell every page, but I can’t deny he results. 17 subscribers in a week is more than any week since just after I started doing the subscription stuff, so I guess we’re gonna keep doing it until I don’t feel like I could lose all my life’s work with one hospital visit.

An E waaaaaaaay, I wonder if anyone will recognize this intro. If they do they’ll probably think I’m some kind of SJW leftist shill. When, in actuality, I just like listening to various kinds of opinions. Doing that used to be considered due diligence. Now I’ll be lucky if referencing any of this doesn’t lose me subscribers. I LOVE 2021! What a great time to be alive! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK.

In other news, remember when I liked LEGO? I still do, but I haven’t had time to do any of my projects for nearly a year. I just have unopened boxes of parts that I wanted to get before the prices tripled when they got discontinued. LEGO decided to cancel the Hidden Side theme without warning anyone. So I didn’t grab the last two sets when they were at shelf price. I was lucky to get them for $20 more than normal, but I was also furious. Still, it’s better than what it was a week later, so I guess I won, sort of. There’s usually some warning before this kind of thing happens but the covid screwed all that up. Now stuff just sells out & they never make more. Whatever there is, that’s it. So fuck you if you have to budget for fun stuff. Granted this is a very privileged kind of problem to have, but I’m allowed to be annoyed by things relevant to me. Anyway, I missed out on some polybagged stuff but that’s just something I have to live with. I really wanted a complete set of Hidden Side because it’s ghost themed, but it just wasn’t in the cards.

In other other news dad got his second covid shot & it made him a bit sick. The first one made him sick for a night & this one got him for two days so far. I consider this all the proof I need that the effects aren’t in people’s head because if my dad actually complains about something it’s real. So I guess I have that to look forward to when I get the green light to ward off the varuss.

That’s about all the news I have, so until next time… Stay sexy?


I dunno man, I am a SJW leftist shill–Canadian Left,at that–and I don’t understand any of that intro. Good to see you’re getting paid though.

Maybe you need to look up Cody’s showdy. It’s right up your socialist alley. Although it doesn’t focus on Canadia very often. Possibly not ever.

It doesn’t mention Canada much at all beyond our interactions with the US but that’s kind of how Canadian news works for the most part.

Okay, admitting ignorance here. What does SJW stand for? I know I can Google it. Would rather hear from you/ your readers.

Social Justice Warrior
it’s a term that arised to -I think- ridicule the trend of left leaning folks on twitter putting people on blast on social media for alleged/perceived wrongdoing. Basically cancel culture before that term was coined.

I don’t participate much in the discourse, but I believe proponents of SJWism point to shit like rapist Brock Turner almost getting off with a swat on the back of the hand because the judge didn’t want to harm his swimming career prospects, meanwhile opponents of SJWism will point to the false positives that inevitably surface when mob mentality is used this way, since it’s easy enough to deliberately or accidentally misrepresent someone on the internet.

It’s kinda rough, because there are people who take it too far (especially the kind of people that dig up the past bad behavior of people that have since reformed), but the hardcore anti SJW people are usually that way because they want to be horrible to people without consequences. Or maybe they just don’t like something someone is saying, so they call them an SJW. The term kinda lost all real meaning pretty fast.

It’s also kinda weird to use as an insult because well, what kind of person doesn’t like the idea of justice?

A question was asked, I answered. I didn’t even make any indication of which side I stood on, because I know how delicately some people feel on the matter. Not sure you’re after by calling me out directly, but I don’t see what you’re calling attention to. No one brought the fight, no one declared anything about things needing to be said. Except you I guess.

Thanks for bringing identity politics to this forum for no other reason than you felt compelled to do so, especially when it was obvious it generally isn’t welcome here, wwwwwww

So you vote NDP or Green party then? ;)

(Fellow Canadian here, living in Quebec where the politics are… complicated.)

Green, generally. But I’m more left than they are: at least on a provincial level. I’d probably be a communist if I wasn’t so skeptical that it could work on a country-wide basis.

I have lived two places in Canada. The place I grew up was always, and will likely always, vote Conservative, both provincially and federally. Even when the NDP won a few years back, we went Conservative (save my parents, the only rural, redneck, possibly inbred Green Party voters in the province).

In contrast, the place I live now? Landslide liberal. The Liberals could have a candidate that was a clump of grass, and I think we would still go Liberal. It isn’t even a contest. And it is weird.

Ugh, I’m still living in that province. If it wasn’t for the brief NDP years I’d swear the Conservative party could put forward a platform promising to cannibalize their voters and this province would still vote for them.

It all really boils down to self-fulfillment anyway. I no longer see the long-term sustainable logic in the perpetuation of political parties.

Accounting can be offset with money but you really need to know your shit and also be willing to have a strong pair to stand firm with clientele who think they’re entitled to cooked books just because they don’t like the bottom line.

Hey Jackie, I guess you already know that, but just in case you don’t, not everyone gets the side-effects from the vaccines. Some people’s immune system just act up when they get the shot, but most just have very mild reactions or nothing at all.

Just commenting so this particular thing might not be a small black mark in your future. We all have enough going on already to let these inconvenient reactions be something else to look forward to. Here’s hoping you can get your shot soon and have no side-effects from it!

Also, immune reactions may happen with any vaccine, and are expected. They’re signs that the immunization is working.

^^^ THis.

Anything more than mild flu like symptoms and minor irritation from having a needle stuck into you is cause for concern.

All but one is a variation on the old standby for a flue shot.
Cultivate the virus.
Kill the virus.
[this is the part where a screw-up can be an issue]
Make sure it is dead dead dead.
Mix with preservatives and filler.
Possible allergic reaction to preservatives, filler, media the virus cultivated in.

My niece is allergic to all things avian so all but the Moderna is right out.

The Moderna vaccine is something totally different in that it is fully laboratory built from scratch as mRNA.

For those interested the web-crawller keywords for the FDA site are

My mum is getting her first shot today and I have no clue when I will be eligible for mine even though I do back end support for the front line

My understanding is that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are the same mRNA sequence packaged in different fat vehicles. The Johnson & Johnson and Sputnik vaccines use an adenovirus vector (I believe); they are not the same, but this is an older technique, and both appear to be safe and effective.

Absent a rare medical condition that makes one version or another dangerous, all adult humans should be vaccinated with whatever version is available, as soon as possible.

I fully expect a strong reaction when I get the COVID-19 vaccine. I had the “shingles” vaccine and the second shot hit me like a truck. I had 4 degrees F of fever that night and felt awful. But it was over with the next day and I hear shingles is no fun.

One of my doctors told me that he’s read up on the COVID-19 vaccine and it makes a huge difference. He strongly encouraged me to get whatever version of the vaccine I can get, ASAP.

I had a similar reaction to the shingles vaccine. I ran enough of a fever that my wife badgered me into going to get a Covid test. Still, no regrets. My brother and sister both had shingles and they have said it was worse than major back surgery and breast cancer chemotherapy respectively. No one else in the family has had a particularly strong reaction to the vaccine but given that I am pretty certain that I had Covid about a year ago and it almost put me in the hospital I am expecting so reaction when I get my second shot this afternoon. I’m bracing for a crappy day tomorrow. Even so, if it puts off getting as sick as I was last February it is totally worth it.

Yeah I had a reaction to a popularly prescribed med that made the doctor shit an entire terrace worth of bricks when I told him what my body was doing. In short I was in Serotonin Syndrome, which can be lethal if left untreated.

The long version is that my circadian rhythm (basically internal day/night cycle) was REVERSED and my internal temperature had me wearing winter top, winter jumper, and bulky winter coat and still shivering my arse off at the height of summer when people were going topless.

My body is still dealing with that clusterf*** ~20 years later but I will never tell people to not take the vaccine or any other medication because I know those kinds of reaction are rare (more likely from a vaccine is a rash, fever, or bruising, from which I get the rash every time (since I qualify for the flu shot thanks to my immune system being a dysfunctional mess) but it sure beats being on a ventilator).

I’m not a doctor, I just happen to know a little about how the body works and some of the terminology.

Kinda have to side with Reggie on this one.

Sometimes you just have to pick your poison, and different people have different values. Personally, I’d really rather punch myself in the crotch than work retail, but that’s just me.

I absolutely got it and you’re awesome for it. It’s why I keep coming back to read your comic Jackie.

Will you feel the same way when I quote The Quartering? XD

I can’t speak for Marc, but regardless of suspecting you of holding different political views than my own, unless you advocate rounding people up like cattle and denying the vote, I am happy to encourage you and enjoy the fruits of your labours. Democracy dies in silence and darkness, and without light and sound we cannot see and hear and explore ideas. I myself am a somewhat radical moderate who favours peer-reviewed, science based policy. The radical comes from the idea that extremists, from any vector in politico-philosophical n-space, should all be dealt with severely but with empathy for their radicalized minds.

example: when following the us election, i watched both cnn and fox. I figured if cnn called it for trump, or fox called it for biden, the prediction could be reasonably trusted as they each seemed to favour the other candidate.

Science is a methodology that is supposed to be methodical.
Science is never something to be ignored as confirmed facts are facts until evidence to the contrary proves otherwise.

Understanding is a three-edged sword: your side, their side .. and the truth. The truth is we don’t need you anymore.” “You don’t want to kill the messenger, you just want to kill the message.”

Sadly what is called science in the states as put forth by various interest groups that have no interest in anything but themselves has very little relation to the actual definition of the word.

Science provides tools – just because the tools are misused by the ignorant or those purposely obfuscating reality does not make for a bad tool, just bad people.

As for politics in the states, enough have bought into the two party idea to effectively block out any third party from relevance.
With gerrymandering, lack of accountability, jobs for life and beholden to whomever most helps with a reelection or offering a comfy office to retire to, I don’t see any real change happening unless there are some brave souls with plenty of bodyguards, willing and able to overhaul the system from what it has degenerated to now.

The EU is an even bigger mess due to autocrats that are faceless and largely unknown setting policy that only has the interests of certain tiny groups that are slavering at controlling everything in their purview. The copyright and web link fiasco’s come to mind that hurt everyone except the old dinosaur gate-keepers.

Apologies for the rant – I now return you to looking forward to the weekend with all media streams turned off and opening that box of LEGO already.

Even if the two party system isn’t set to fall by the wayside, I feel that we are entering into an era where we are starting to legitimately question the sanctity of the 2-party system, especially everything that had transpired in the Donald Trump administration and those who were willing to blindly follow them. Democracy may not be dead but the events that had transpired these past few years has given all of us a harsh wake-up call into how dysfunctional it really is.

Also, I agree that science should not be the be-all, end-all of decision making as the factual information that is predicated in science should serve to help the individual make an informed and enlightened decision to benefit themselves and their fellow human beings. Science is a tool for assistance, not a purge of democracy.

Wait, are you using some studies/experiments having a reproducibility problem to tar all science, including studies/experiments that have been well replicated? Because that’s what it sounds like you’re trying to do.

I know a big part of the problem, at least in psychology, was in drawing conclusions from collected data after the fact instead of having a hypothesis and then testing it. Something about how when you collect a lot of data there’s a high chance you can pull some conclusion or another out of it just by random chance. Statistics is funny like that.

“Democracy dies in silence and darkness”
This may well be the case, but should be of little concern as we are not nor ever have been a democracy. Still a Republic. Poorly managed, with politicians who ignore us after election, and a Constitution that clearly prohibits 95% of what the government does all the time, but still a Republic.

Utter Bollocks.

Democracy equals YOU GET TO VOTE.

The USA is a representative democracy.
The USA is a democratic republic.

The next time anyone tells you that you are not a democracy, kick them in the nuts and devalue anything they have ever told you by 10%.

The U.S. IS a democracy but sure has hell is not a true representative one as the constituency is not smart enough to be wholly represented by their representatives. Plus, when you have the nation divided among party lines the way it is, you can’t expect long-standing national issues to be resolved in the foreseeable future.

And don’t get me started about voter suppression and winner take all state policies that plague elections every damn time!

Sorry, I really did not mean to provide this kind of jumping off point for hostility. In hindsight I also chose a poor example. Also, there is a person misrepresenting what people have written, then attacking the misrepresented point. This is a straw man argument and should be ignored, lest we feed the trolls. Said person is also attempting to directly inflame or attack various posters.

It makes sense that someone would get temporarily sick from vaccines. Technically speaking they’re not actually sick with any disease, but are displaying the symptoms of fighting it off because that’s what vaccines are meant to provoke. A dead payload meant to prime your body to fight off the real thing and make antibodies. Mind, particularly healthy or hardy people may not notice this, so it doesn’t happen to everyone since their immune systems may be more efficient; age and circumstance are factors.

Two channels I sub to in a row? I definitely didn’t bet on those odds.

I find it unlikely that anyone that recognizes that intro isn’t themselves left enough to not care that you’re referencing something left-leaning. Or at least they themselves also agree with the mantra of taking in as many opinions as possible.

Just caught up with the discussion from a few days ago. 90’s/early 2000 internet was like a college debate team. Now? pistols at dawn….

I will probably be avoiding the vaccine since I got nailed with something covid like back in feb 2020. unless of course I get this kind of problem for not having vaccine papers when trying to travel.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ByTSiVSUYc

As for money well… it may not always buy happiness but it can let you do cool things like this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHuQy0mqW5I

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