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What was I gonna write…

Oh wait! Hello, hello, hello, my sound, sound, sound, soulmates… It is I Slight Jackie back with more soothing Between Failures. Be sure to like comment & subscribe for more soothing content. Patreon & subscribestar links in the comments section.

That’s an ASMR intro from a channel I watch. XD I should speak soothingly in this blog. Imagine me sounding super calm & pleasant. Do any of you guys actually get the tingles they talk about? I do a bit but when I was younger it was really intense. I guess maybe you can lose that sort of thing as you age, or maybe it’s my general health. Either way I do miss the intense feeling that used to come from ASMR.

What else..?

Seems like the lockdown is pretty rough for almost everyone. At least the ones who responded. I think only the absolutely wealthiest people & the politicians are the only ones doing just fine. Power & control insulate you from a lot though. I’ve got some stuff I want to accomplish so I guess I’ll just cut it off here.

BTW though, if you mention facebook in a comment I have to moderate it, so if your comment disappears for no reason, but you mentioned facebook that’s why. It’s on the banned word list from spam comments.


Given how much money one makes accounting I have no idea why Carol is working at this store xD I mean now that’s shes stable. And has Thomas

I have a masters in business, which required no small amount of accounting classwork.
I literally rather work in sewers than be an accountant, no matter how well it pays.

If everybody knew how to do magic, then what use is there for wizards?

That’s like the plot of at least two different fantasy novels that I know of.

Hmm, that sounds like a kind of a weak premise, from a purely logical standpoint. It’s like saying that everyone knows how to read and write, so theoretically there shouldn’t be any use for novelists, playwrights, screenwriters, editors, linguists, etc. In other words, just because a lot of people know how to do something, doesn’t mean everyone is automatically experts at it. So I’d assume in a world where magic is common, wizards would still be needed because they’d be the ones who dedicated their lives to honing their expertise, and therefore were capable of knowing how to do things that the average magic-user couldn’t do. (I’m probably thinking way too hard about this though, haha.)

Rick Cook’s “The Wiz Biz” did surprisingly well with this notion by suggesting that magic is essentially a programming language.

As for your point, well, consider the output of the “professional” writing community. Most of it is trash anyway that still manages to get published somehow.

Thats also kind of the plot to The Incredibles. To quote the villian “And when everyone is special… Nobody is.”

I don’t really know much about the subject so correct me if I’m off the mark here, but it seems to me that if you’re working with money it’s extremely important that you get the numbers right. As such, nitpicking actually make sense for this purpose: it helps to make absolutely sure everything is calculated correctly.

ASMR is more diversified today than ever. With me, tingles had to do with how taxed the skin was by other conditions (not directly related ones, but apparently still somehow affecting it, maybe toxins finding their way out). There was also a temporary habituation effect, but never entirely.

As the New Zealand experience demonstrates, one does not have to be super wealthy to be insulated from covid – implementing science-based policy works just fine.

Being in the world’s taint doesn’t hurt either…

Do you suppose that had the USA and NZ had each other’s governments, that proximity would even be mentioned?

I posted this with sources, but it got filtered:

Yes including the August outbreak. NZ has 5 million people, no reason they couldnt have had a brutal outbreak. And if anyone wants to claim it’s because NZ is so rural, there are two words: South Dakota

If NZ tracked with a different approach to covid, they should have 8,093 dead. (based on US rates) Instead they have 26. Yes, New Zealand has twenty-six dead. I know who is getting re-elected next.

worldometers dot info slash coronavirus
(warning. There are adverts. I am not affiliated, i just find the tabulated data interesting)

Arguing the flip side, one could argue that New Zealand -IS- super wealthy through the economic privilege of its history. At least as compared to other countries in a worse economic situation. GDP per capita lists NZ as 39k$ (2017) being roughly 66% of USA’s, which definitely makes it a higher economic class than many countries in the world. DRC, Mozambique and Uganda have GDPperCap of 1100$ or less.

So, we come upon the rubber band of Webcomic Time.

I have no idea how many months or years are to have passed, in-universe, since Day One of this strip. And somewhere I was carrying around the idea that Carol was 22 and Thomas was 25.

Also, I can’t think of any American who can pull off introducing himself as Reginald the way Reggie does it; it actually sounds suitable coming from him. If we’re sticking with comics, not even Reggie Mantle does it.

Holy shit, no way
So, yeah I also remember getting some intense asmr when I was younger, but I think mine fires off more in response to physical presence than anything. Getting haircuts, when teachers would lean over the desk from over my shoulder to go over something with me, that sort of stuff.

As an adult I’ve basically never gotten it in the outside world anymore (partially due to my shut-in nature, partially due to not being easy to loom over now that I’m 6’2″). I’ve got a very spotty track record with the success rate of youtube ASMR, given the lack of physical presence.

That said, the one I’ve had the most success with is absolutely Slight Sounds. She likes to play with the camera lens a lot, and that seems to work for me, especially if it’s a little in the periphery.

Anyway, was just super cool to see one of my webcomic artists reference her like that, so wanted to break out of lurking again to share.

I actually enjoyed my accounting class when I took it for my economic degree, a mixture of finding a good method of understanding, a likable instructor that kept me motivated, and the fact I have found ways to actually use what I learned immediately. Statistics and econometrics on the other hand, I have a bit of a despise for, might just be because taking both during the lockdown has left me a bit depressed, trapped only with the data, a screen and four walls along with not being able to get the required programmed to work initially.

Maybe I’ll develop a new appreciation for econometrics once the whole lockdown is over, I respect statistics despite my frustration with it. Tbh, I miss just having a proper workspace outside my house, like the university library, I think a good workspace makes any work bearable.

Got flashbacks to smooth jazz radio DJ near Den-metro area
scrolling, hopefully, maybe,…for an annual album list countdown like scary-go-round does before Christmas
the lack of pragmatism and pessimism was not suspect for the briefest of moments in a frenzy of self delusional optimism…
… the Between Failure album list announcement was nought to be

My wife and I used to get tingles like these after lightly touching a specific spot in the middle of our forehead. It started there and tgen tingled in a band all around the head. It stopped working years ago. We speculated the effect might be behind the third-eye mythology.

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