1437 Om The Noms.

If these are the only words here when the comic goes up its because I fell asleep.

This may seem like a repetition of the scene from Monday, and it is, but I thought it was important. Thomas starts to admonish Carol for doing what she was worried about a little while earlier, but falls short. Anyone can tell at this point that there are multiple reasons why he can’t bring himself to do it, not least of which is theres not as much blood in his brain as usual. This is very much Thomas at his most self inserty. I very much fetishize joy in a partner, and its hard to explain that to them. I can’t explain why I do, but maybe its because giving in to pure happiness is rare even in the nest of times. I an attracted to people who can be sincere in their happiness. Maybe its because I like things where I feel like I have to play down my enjoyment of. I think theres at least a part of me that wants a partner who is sincere in her enjoyment of me. I want to be Carol’s pancakes. I guess its just a weird romantic notion that got stuck in my head at some point. How wonderful would it be for someone to love you without any restrictions.


Does anyone else hear Etta James in the background, or is it just me? Seriously, I thought I just heard the opening verse of “At Last”

Wow, that’s actually beautiful… fetishizing joy in your partner. I’d never really thought of it that way, but I can see the appeal. It’s also definitely not a bad thing.

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