Short of a woman jumping in a man’s lap and humping vigourously, we’re pretty much clueless if she’s attracted or not, so yeah, trip him.

It ain’t a matter of being clueless. We get plenty of clues. It is just a matter of knowing which are real and which are just false-positives. To get it right is to win. To get it wrong is outright failure at best, legal action at worst. It doesn’t pay to settle for anything less than certainty… and women don’t like to give certainty.

I agree with Brad.

… Although it’s probably much less likely to happen to me than most guys. -_-

Love the quote in the title!!!

“Yes. Yes. I’m George, George McFly. I’m your density. I mean… your destiny.”

The problem with Brad’s strategy is girls are raised to believe that if they aren’t “subtle” they’re sluts, so you’ll find very few who would go so far as that unless they’d gotten so fed up with you not noticing the subtle that they just snap. This only qualifies if you’ve known the chick a long time. If not… sorry, she’s a slut.

Some of us freak at the invasion of personal space and counterattack, but if she’s a sadomasochist, that just makes things worse… better? Yeah, my first girlfriend was… interesting.

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